Starlight Blogger Award

Drew at From the Machine gave me the Starlight Blogger Award. You’ll find a good blog there and a new friend if you haven’t met already. Please go for a visit.

This one has such a special description, so I told Drew I would do it. But I’m going to modify it (even though I know damn well the rules say no tinkering).

The description states that the giver is “to think at the light emanating from the stars, the ones that truly touch your soul with their work, the ones that are the light for you, a true starlight blogger.” I know sometimes we just throw names out there, because nominating can be such a fucking chore. Especially for someone like me who works herself up into a mess of emotions even thinking about picking people (because that always means leaving shit tons more OUT). So the fact that Drew picked me for this actually does mean something to me. Look at that description, for heavens sake. I can’t live up to that. But I’m flattered. Truly. And Drew is a great person…so please go check out From The Machine.

As for the nominating, I’m not doing it. I know the point is two-fold: to acknowledge bloggers who are important to us as well as to help spread the word about blogs that you may not have discovered yet. But there are heaps of ways to do that. And as for acknowledging, I hope the ones of you who are “starlight” for me already know that you are. Because I hope I’ve been showing that to you with my words. But I can’t do the nominations thing – y’all have no idea how much anxiety I have over picking and choosing and leaving people out and hurting feelings. Maybe it’s all the serious rejection issues I have. Let’s chalk it up to that. Blah. Enough of that.

This is a happy, touching award. And those of you who touch my soul know it. At least I hope you do.

Three Questions from Drew:

  1. If you could go back in time 10 years and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be? Let’s see. ONE? I think it would be good for me to hear: Don’t forget you’re going to be dead one day. You get one life. One life. Get in the driver’s seat and drive, because the people currently driving aren’t concerned about your needs. Take control, because if you don’t…you’ll still be only riding shotgun ten years from now, struggling to take control of your own life. If you think everyone else deserves to be happy, then you’re a fucking hypocrite to believe that you’re the one exception to that rule.
  2. Who is someone that has profoundly inspired you in one way or another? Mamaw. She taught me that no matter how poor you are. How friendless you are. How many illnesses your body is assulted with. No matter how many holes and leaks there are in your floor and ceiling and life. No. Fucking. Matter. What. You can still strive to be positive and be an extremely positive force in the life of others. You can always give, because the best gift you can give another is the gift of self. Thank you mamaw. And The Aussie. To never quit. To never give up. To always strive for personal growth. To never let the darkness of your mind keep you so far down that you give up on life. To never lose your sense of humor. To accept help. And to always be there for those you love. No. Matter. What. Thank you Aussie.
  3. What is your favorite film (or top 5, if choosing just one is impossible)? Uh. Shit. The Brothers Bloom. Into the Wild. The Goonies. The Fountain. Oldboy. Howl’s Moving Castle. Good Will Hunting. Fight Club. The Machinist. Burn After Reading. Grave of The Fireflies. Laputa: Castle in the Sky. Waltz with Bashir. The Breakfast Club. The Count of Monte Cristo. Yeah, y’all. I can’t pick just one or even five! Grrrr.

About Awards:

I’m not sure how many more of these I’ll do, if any. Here’s the thing: I love doing them. And they’re super flattering and actually mean more to me than you know to be thought of as worthy of anyfuckingthing at all. The fact that y’all are even here, reading, liking, commenting, hell my brain still hasn’t accepted it. I’m humbled and grateful, truly.

The three that I’ve done so far, plus the quote challenge, have been fun. And I also love answering the questions. But. At the same time, they do stress me out. Particularly with the nominations, a point which I’ve probably beaten to death by now. Not only that, but I don’t want to get to the point where I’m doing more of this than purging the things that are on my mind and need to come out.

I’m on the fence, though. Because I truly do have fun doing the questions and seeing y’all’s answers (hell yeah I just double apostrophed!). I mean, hell, the community is a big part of the reason I’m here. Otherwise, I’d just keep a fucking journal, right? So I’m also thinking about doing them, but maybe designating certain days for it. Like doing any unfinished ones every other Saturday or something. Anyone have any thoughts they’d like to share on awards and how you do or do not handle them?

20 thoughts on “Starlight Blogger Award

  1. Fight Club!! YES! I dressed up as Tyler Durden today (red leather jacket, maple leaf shirt) since it’s Halloween eve (and I’m not letting go of the chance to show up to school in a costume!) so that made me super happy, haha. That and the Machinist are definitely in my top 5, too. 😀
    Your other answers are great and very insightful, too – I wish someone told me that 10 years ago as well!
    I agree with your feelings about these award nominations, though, I get the same anxieties. I think it would be a really great idea to start some kind of “question meme” (for lack of a better word) where there isn’t any nomination process at all, the point is purely just “Here’s a list of questions/prompts, if they interest you, you should fill it out!” Because the questions/challenges really are fun, but I hate the pressure that comes with all of these “award rules;” I just want to share my thoughts about these interesting questions and be done with the post! (The problem is just that I worry that, if I tried to start something like that, nobody would do it because I’m not popular enough or my questions wouldn’t be good enough or something…. Oh, the joys of anxieties… ^^;)

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    1. Aha, we much much in common, Drew! (Except I didn’t dress up as anything today, though heaps of people did. Everyone thinks I’m trying to be a hacker geek, since I’m in jeans/docs/hoodie. But that’s my usual Friday attire! People did NOT get the point of Mr. Robot if that’s all they took away from it. Gr! Rant over!)

      FYI, I would totally answer your questions. But I’m not going to start it either, because nobody would do it. Ha…yep. Anxieties for the win! 😉

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      1. Yeah, it seems like it! That’s neat though, nobody at my school really dressed up… I mean, my professor has an eyeball scarf so maybe that counts? I have kind of the opposite thing where I normally always look like Q from Skyfall/Spectre, so when I dress up as him, nobody EVER knows, but when I’m just dressing normal, I always get the comments of “Hey you kind of look like Ben Whishaw/Q!”
        It’s flattering because I love him, but it’s also super weird, I dunno.
        I still need to watch Mr. Robot; I meant to start, but the series was about halfway in at that point and I got distracted and never found a spot to watch the first half of it…
        And thanks! ^^ I’d answer yours too, but yeah, anxieties always win, haha :p

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      2. I will look it up first thing when I get home! (I would now, but… on a laptop at school seems like an inconvenient place to do so, at least for me because I always comment on stuff to my cats, so I’d just be commenting on the show to invisible cats and the other people here working on stuff would probably not be very okay with that…)

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      3. Dude. I was talking to my cats yesterday, but I forgot I had the back door open. My neighbors were outside, and I’m now pretty sure they heard me having a complete conversation with my cats. Now I’m super paranoid about it. 😀


      4. Haha, that’s happened to me too. Luckily, my closest neighbour is also a vet, so she talks to her animals (and mine) just as much, but yeah some of the other neighbours probably think I’m a bit off… Especially when I’m standing in my yard like talking to myself because I’m trying to FIND my cat, haha.

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      5. I full on cursed out my lawnmower sometime last summer, right out in the open. I didn’t even THINK about it until later. Oops? 😉

        Your neighbor sounds cool – the vet, I mean. 🙂

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  2. Okay,
    So first and foremost, congratulations! Secondly, I hope you don’t think that the time that you didn’t nominate me and then you did hurt my feelings (I so don’t want to be the reason that you’re not nominating people or feel stressed!).

    For me, nominating people can be slightly stressful at times but I really love getting awards and giving them, so I plan on continuing to do so. I appreciate so much that people take the time to think of me, so I wouldn’t want to not accept, when they mean so much to me. From what you said, it seems like your biggest stress point is nominating, so maybe you can nominate everyone who wants to answer and say how much you appreciate everyone who reads, likes, comments, and follows your blog. Sometimes I do that if I’m not specific with nominees. If you enjoy accepting the awards and answering the questions, then you should. Plus, you really do deserve the awards! 🙂

    Just want to say that I also like Good Will Hunting and Breakfast Club. They’re not my favorites, but I like them and own Good Will Hunting.

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    1. It’s not you – I promise! It’s just exactly the kind of thing that stresses me out. I’m a people pleaser, and I will spend hours on something trying to figure out how to please everyone….which we all know is impossible. If I give in to this cycle, I’ll end up quitting. And I don’t want to do that…:-)

      I like your suggestion. I think I may do that and combine it with the idea to limit the frequency of when I post them.

      Thank you for your sweet compliment…means a lot to me. 🙂

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  3. Congratulations on the award!! I can understand what your mind are going through when you find yourself being nominated again. That being said, I love to be nominated and I promised myself not to get pressure by it. I won’t rushed to repost a nomination post in fact, I’ll just do it in my own sweet time especially when I need a post filler. I believe your readers will understand if you chose to accept an award or not by simply saying thanks. It’s just a token of appreciation on how others love your writing. See it as something positive and motivating and maybe you won’t stress out so much. 😉

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  4. YAY! 🙂 I ❤ your blog. I think it's great to discover other people's work and connect with these recognitions. That's one reason I found your blog. However, I see the factor of becoming overwhelmed, or feeling like you should write to a specific prompt when maybe the creative prowess you seek at that time is not one that should be confined. Finding a happy medium, and like you said designating one day a week to it. 🙂 Happy writing!

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    1. Aw, I thought I replied to this – looks like I didn’t press send! Thank you for the kind words, Rachel Ann! Thank you so much for your input on this – y’all are helping me work this out. 🙂

      And I’m like you – I’ve discovered so many blogs through the recognition posts. I do appreciate and enjoy the community building of it. Happy medium is the way to go!

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