A Musical Interlude: Clint Mansell

I love Clint Mansell. I think I always have, only I didn’t know it until someone put a name to the music that moves so many. Best known for his work as a composer, Mansell has scored films such as The Fountain, Requiem for a Dream, and Black Swan. And, you may have noticed, those are all three Darren Aronofsky films, but Mansell has scored for others as well.

I don’t know if I’ve told y’all…but The Fountain ranks among my favorite films. And it is no exaggeration to say that it would be a different film entirely without Mansell’s touch. It is dark and moving. Poignant and ethereal. Emotional and painful. Hopeful and yearning. Surreal and earthy. Life and death and resurrection and everything between. Soul shattering pain and redemption. I don’t even know what I’m saying, really. It’s everything.

I cried. Nay, I wept. I was an absolute wreck in the aftermath of The Fountain. For days. Days. I had been warned, at least a couple of years prior to watching it…I had been warned to steer clear of it. But then The Aussie told me it was important. I almost didn’t make it through it, quite literally choking on my sobs more than once. But I did. And it will always be part of me now. Perhaps it always was, and that’s why it moved me so.

All of these rambles to lead you into this song:

Listen to it. Please. I beseech you to listen and not with ears only, but with all of you. If you listen, you will know where I am today and why I’m not very talkative (blogative?). I’ve had it on loop for an hour. And if you listen, I’d love to know what the song does to you. It shakes me to my core and somehow fuels my depression while also comforting me. It makes me feel…understood. Felt.

But don’t listen to me. Listen to the song. Please. And then, listen to the entire soundtrack. It’s instrumental, so you can listen to it while doing other things…if you’re not too much of a wreck to function.

Below is the entire soundtrack, but if you’re wanting all the feels, you may as well go for it and watch the film.

If you haven’t seen The Fountain, go forth. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you are a sensitive creature at all, it will shatter you. But it’s a shattering you must endure.


Yeah. I’m gonna need to medicate with Billy Idol or something soon. Or a New Girl marathon! Yeah! No. Bad idea. Why must memories so firmly attach themselves to everything?

Anyone have any tips for really good comedy? Gimme gimme!

44 thoughts on “A Musical Interlude: Clint Mansell

      1. Yeah yeah! Sorry…I meant Amy Schumer – looks like I’ve been living under a rock, because apparently she’s pretty popular.

        I’ve seen Winter’s Bone & Silver Linings Playbook, and I certainly see why people say she’s a good actress. Girl has potential..I hope she stays humble. Ya know? 🙂

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    1. He is indeed yum. Yumyum. Ha! Fair warning – it’s a very…uhm…how to put it? There’s a lot of surrealism and symbolism in the movie. It can get a little mind fucky (oh…my potty mouth is back this morning)…so if you go in knowing that and are okay with it, you’ll love it. I hope. 🙂

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  1. when i first saw the film ‘the fountain’ i was at the cinema. what struck me was the music of Mansell. i agree with you that this soundtrack really adds up to the whole movie. the fountain is my favorite film ever (along with a few other-i am not a fan of movies-however, i am not exaggerating by saying that i’ve seen this film more than 20-30 times. i lost count. thank you for this post and what a wonderful surprise to connect this way!

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    1. Wow, how awesome is that? And 20-30 times…how on earth did you survive that? You have one strong heart! 😀

      I’ve been meaning to see it again..to catch things I missed before. But I have yet to work up the nerve, because I know it will wreck me…again!

      I’m so glad you agree…it’s always lovely to find someone kindred. 🙂

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      1. mind you, i cried the first time i saw it at the cinema(and i am a man you know, lets keep in mind all the stereotypes..haha) i have a friend-who is like you, he doesn’t wish to see the film again (the fountain, being his favorite movie as well) in fear of wrecking him ..but here is my advice: the film is full of symbolism and everytime i see it , i realize or discover something new
        now, ”finish it”!

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      2. Gaaahhhhh, I know I probably missed heaps when I watched it. I know I need to watch it again…I really do, don’t I? ARRRGGHHH.

        On another note…I’m totally telling everyone a boy admitted to crying. 😉

        I kid, I kid.

        (Look here, everybody!)

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      3. ahaha! i have no issues as such, whatsoever. i think everybody cries(and you know that, i m sure!), besides crying is a sign of showing you re human..but yeah..at the cinema, dunno, i was a bit cautious-if anyone saw me and stuff like that..
        all the best!

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      4. I know…I couldn’t help pokin’ at ya! Anyone who says they don’t cry is either lying or psychotic. (Or perhaps has a disease that affects the tear ducts. In which case, I’m a jerk for saying everyone cries.)

        All the best to you as well!! 🙂

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  2. First, the soundtrack. Without going to my keyboard, I’m guessing it’s a minor key. Reaching violins: well, that tells me all regarding the film. The music sets you up to cry. Nice score. Haven’t seen the film yet – you just made me add to it my must see list. Hope my telly service brings it in soon.

    Sure fire comedies:
    1. Office Space – as an ex-office worker, I watch this one a lot and always laugh
    2. Keeping Mum – with the impeccable Maggie Smith
    3. This scene from So I Married an Axe Murderer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvAd33J9-po


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    1. Oh yeah, it’s definitely minor and also setting you up to cry. Ugh but it’s so beautiful!

      Thank you for the comedy! I’ve seen 1 and 3….1 multiple times as well! Hehe. I only saw 3 once, so maybe I should give it a go again. All these numbers, I’m confusing myself! I haven’t even heard of the other one..I’ll see if I can find it to download!!

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  3. I got excited when I saw the name Clint Mansell in a blog I didn’t write. Music inspires me as a writer on a regular basis, so I collect movie composer names and jam to their work often (when I’m not jamming to the retro new wave movement on Bandcamp).

    If you need a good laugh, look no further than the IT Crowd. Great British comedy show, though the seasons are really short.

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      1. I rarely do because so much of it is so stuffy and dull, but I couldn’t stop laughing at IT Crowd. The parents have been watching Still Game as well, but nobody can understand more than 15% of what’s being said due to the thick Scot accents. Still pretty funny.

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      2. Black Books has its moments, but we made the mistake of watching IT Crowd first, and Black Books just doesn’t compete. I’m laughing at IT every thirty seconds; Black Books, maybe a couple times an episode (I made a note to myself to put my underwear on anything I don’t want touched around the house).

        I gotta give the shows props for pushing for quality over quantity, though: six or seven episodes per season is a drag, but at least I can’t think of an episode I would skip over next time.

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      3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I don’t think I like your tone! But underwear on anything you don’t want touched really only works for guys. So, lucky you.

        And also. Okay. What about Coupling?


      4. That’s pretty typical for TV these days, isn’t it? Season 1 and maybe Season 2 rock socks, and then they rapidly go downhill. Hell, Justified wouldn’t let Raylan shoot anybody starting on Season 2! Every episode used to be a mini-western, but apparently somebody complained that shooting folks wasn’t nice or some shit.

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      5. Aww, that makes me die a little inside. I’m an Arizona native, so it’s sort of a requirement, like having a driver’s license.

        Weird that you would be western-adverse as an anime fan, given how much American and Japanese culture have been feeding each other for decades. The western and the samurai flick are a yin-yang in themselves.

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