My Darling, My Ginger Beer

I am positively addicted to this stuff.

That is all!

32 thoughts on “My Darling, My Ginger Beer

  1. Hmm, I wonder if an alcoholic version exists, or do they say it’s “non-” because the word “beer” happens to be on the cover?
    Like fresh “meats” (veggie meal) saying “no meat here” (made that up me so bored)
    And I don’t understand ginger-beer.

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  2. Never have had ginger beer, but now that an alcohol version of root beer is on the shelves, an alcohol version of ginger beer can’t be too far behind, can it? That is, if it isn’t already out here in these streets…

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    1. Good question – I really have no idea! I suppose it could always be home brewed as well.

      But I’m getting distracted from the point I wanted to make – you must try ginger beer! If you like ginger, I mean…yum!

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  3. Yum!

    Also, don’t know if Bundaberg makes an alcoholic version, but there’s always Crabbie’s, which is quite alcoholic. (Avoid the orange spice variety, though; takes it just a tad too far, in my opinion…)

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  4. Interesting! I’ve never seen this before here! All I drink is Bud Light if I’m drinking beer. Lol. I’m going to see if I maybe find or at a liquor store because I’ve never seen it at the grocery store or gas station. Thanks for sharing!

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