Eduardo Spotted Philandering In New Mexico

Y’all….Eduardo has been spotted. Though I don’t know what it means that he requested Chili Peppers while bumpin’ uglies. (I swore I’d never use that phrase: bumpin’ uglies. Fuck, I just did it again.) I introduced him to the peppers…I’m reading too much into this. Oh dear.

Anyway, this has made my night. πŸ˜€

All Things Chronic

0DSC06935 (2)

A local reporter caught this shot of Eduardo leaving a well-known brothel early on Tuesday morning. (Photos taken yesterday.) The ladies who serviced Eduardo said he was very polite, a good tipper, and that he asked to listen to theΒ Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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48 thoughts on “Eduardo Spotted Philandering In New Mexico

      1. No, no, no – definitely not knockin’ the boots. That sounds cute!
        Errrrr….can’t get myself to type out the words. Here’s a hint: two words beginning with F and P. No more hints. πŸ˜›

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      2. Okaaaaaay, but you asked for it! Cuz now I’ve gotta guess. Let me know if I hit it:
        Finger Poking
        Fiddling Pixies
        Fluffing the Pillows
        Flogging the Pope
        Flicking the Pen..cil
        Forking the Pudding

        Am I getting close? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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      3. Oooo, good idea! Now I’ll know what to scribble on that little notepad they all carry around! I’ll peer over my glasses with a look of thoughtful consternation, then furiously scribble “flickering passionsticks…FP..FP…furious pumpkinpushing” Oh yeah, I’m gonna have all the best clients.

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      1. Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I can’t believe you called a lizard a human name.. Where you live must be really hot! And with lots of Mexicans! He doesn’t wear a sombrero sometimes? Or join you for a tequila? Ha!


      2. Oh girl, you’re in for a shocker. I name EVERYTHING. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you about the time I had a pet tarantula called Edgar? πŸ˜€

        It’s Louisiana here, and I suppose we have a … normal? amount of Mexicans? πŸ˜€

        That bitch can’t have my tequila. Well, no. That’s not true. I share, but only because he drinks by the thimble full instead of tumbler!

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      3. Heeeeeheeeeheeheeeeeee….. Edgar the tarantula?? Even your pets aren’t normal!! You like names beginning with ED a lot!! Louisiana?? I’m surprised you don’t have a gator or two that you’ve named!

        Thimble full? Probably start drunk dialling you if he has any more!! Haaaaa!!

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      4. Oooh… You’re a little dangerous!! I wouldn’t mind one.. To Eat!! Tried Crocodile, it was a tasty meat.. That gator would be swimming around one minute, and on the chopping board the next!

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      5. Hahaha! Gator is tasty to eat…but only if seasoned properly. The spicier the better.

        My favorite memory of gators is when I was in a john boat down in the Atchafalaya Basin, coupla times I accidentally touched one with an oar. It was really cool…they’re curious critters and like to know what you’re up to and if you have an good grub!


  1. OK…I’m laughing so hard. There’s this crazy conversation about something that starts with “F” and “P” and then, “Who’s Eduardo”. I can’t even. Maybe I’m delirious with exhaustion (it is past my bedtime), but reading the comments here has made my night.

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  2. Eduardo, you crafty fellow. You got mad Company skills. When l last left you, you were floating facedown in the Rio Grande. Now you are seen at a well-known brothel. Doing what? Draining the the lizard?

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