Calling All Loonies: A Wackadoodle Meet & Greet (ALL Bloggers Welcome!)

This is the one and only thing I’m going to say about today’s events in Paris on this blog: I’m here, as ever, for diversion and release. I have no intention of turning this into a political blog. The thoughts and feelings I have about what’s going on over there – and anywhere else with suffering and terror – will stay with me or within the confines of one-on-one conversation.

Hop Aboard the Crazy Train: A Meet & Greet

So. What I’d like to do, for those who are of like mind, is call for you crazies to come forth and meet one another. I’m still new around these parts, but I’ve already met some Kick Ass People here. And some of you are a similar level of crazy as me. And I think you fuckers should meet each other and introduce us to Still More Kick Ass Crazies.

Here’s what I would LOVE to see happening in comments (y’all are the best fucking commenters on EARTH, FYI):

  • Please feel free to post links to any of your own crazy posts. Or your about page. Or whatever.
  • Please post links to any crazies that you think the rest of us should be introduced to. We wanna meet some new people in this bitch, too! And the bestest Meet & Greets have people linking themselves AND other people!
  • If you don’t curse and don’t want it on your own blog’s comments…please feel free to mention that you only like to watch the filth (pervert) and don’t bring it to you. I totally get that. (I try to behave in others’ comments. Please slap me when I forget my manners.)
  • Please click each others’ linkies!

This my first time trying one of these. I think it’s needed tonight, to bring some levity, if only to my little corner of cyberspace. If it works out, I’ll see about making it a semi-regular thing. I’ve had so much fun meeting you crazy bastards that I’m greedy for more!

P.S. You can post here as much as you like, as many links or over as many days. I may post some this weekend, but I doubt it will get buried too far if at all. Go crazy! Please.

Some Inspirational Jams, Hand-Picked for the Occasion

160 thoughts on “Calling All Loonies: A Wackadoodle Meet & Greet (ALL Bloggers Welcome!)

  1. Awesome song! Thanks for this Stephanie!

    Well I’d feel bad if I didn’t promote a master of the art of blogging: BipolarFirst. She has some of the most inspiring posts on living with Bipolar Disorder. And she is funny as fuck (sorry I cuss and so does she :-P). Please read this. I loved it so much I printed out a copy and carry it around in my purse with me:

    In terms of me, I’m a crazy Bipolar molecular biologist with a passion for ending stigma with the help of my trusty Bipolar Compass. Here is my most recent post:

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  2. Thanks for the invitation. 🙂 I was just fucking around with my blog… changing up graphics and stuff. And well, writing that fucking post… but I know you already read that, Stephanie. (Steph? What do you prefer? I hate to make assumptions because I LOATHE when people call me “Sandy.” I’m not a fucking dog! Also, I almost mistyped dog as dong. I’m not a dong either.)

    I also recently wrote a letter to Santa Claus… And even though I’m too old (don’t even want to know how old I am compared to others here… it will just depress me)! But I did ask for adult presents. 🙂

    This one was pretty funny…

    And I’m not linking my about page because I am in the process of rewriting it. God, I can be a totally self-centered bitch, but somehow I can’t seem to get a page about me to my liking.

    Anyway,,, Hi everyone. Sorry I always write so damn much! And I’d suggest other blogs, but I suck at making friends and so I don’t really know that many people well… and many of the ones I do know seem a lot more… mellow, shall we say? xo

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    1. No, no, no, you didn’t write too much. I love it! And you know something – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for asking how I prefer to be called. People take such liberties with names (I’ve been guilty of it myself.) I actually HATE “Steph,” but I’m used to it. Even people that know I dislike it continue to say it. And I also knew the name of the blog would invite that nickname. It’s funny that you compare “sandy” to a dog. I’ve always said if you say “steph” just right it sounds like a cat hacking up a hairball. 😀

      THANK YOU for sharing linkies! If y’all don’t follow her, you’re dummies. She’s awesome!

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  3. Ahh I never really know what to say in these things ^^;
    But I’m Drew and I’m a neurotic mess and most of my life is maths
    And here’s a link to where I complain about everything:

    Oh, and to go with the music theme, I feel like I don’t really know everyone else’s songs, but this one has been my favourite the past couple of weeks:

    Oh yeah, also, hi!

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  4. Well you know me, constantly changing shit up and writing a lot. I will give you three. could’ve done part 1 and the two days before but I have left the nastiest for last…
    If needed I can pull some other random craziness out. If I can find it. LOL

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      1. You’re welcome Steph. The adult themed ones and my dark ones (listed in a few but need separate) I have to add a new category for. That last one I had 6 posters email me directly to see if I could write something stronger than suggestive and with imagery. if you did not see that last post, it is not a funny the first two are.

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      2. I’ll confess I haven’t seen the adult themed ones. Most of my blog reading is done at work (I rarely have enough to do lately, so I blog)…and I’d be in deep shit if I was caught reading some of your recent posts. 😀

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      3. Hahaha. I did I think 4 plus the softcore one last in your comments. The first two days the adult themed did well and I was asked how long it takes me to come up with something. I wrote two last night with n used memes in like 10 minutes. I have authors writing to me which is crazy. If you want the links to the first 3 I can get them to you as they were funny as hell.

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      4. I have the immediate ones in a category. I want to add to it with the suggestive stuff. But not tonight. Plus I want to go over the darker poems. You know your writing is dark when you have bloggers commenting saying they are going to run my ip and send an ambulance. So I had to say, while we all go through a lot and many here heave constant mental struggles, mine are temporary, I relate stuff that they relate to and I get thanked which is the best thing to have here. It is kid of cool. Did you read any of them?

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      5. They had their moments. The last one i wrote for a woman here. Not going to even hint. She got away from herself, took a selfie with her about to hop in a shower and a panty shot. 🙂


      1. Hahaha! I’m sorry – it didn’t show up in my little comment window. But it does when I go to the actual post and scroll to your comment. Sorry about that. 😀

        And thank you for the link – that’s hilarious and appropriate!

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  5. Not sure if I qualify as a loony, but I’m here. I chose a song. It’s this one:
    I write at A Joyful Process. It has its own theme song. And here is a post that people seem to like:
    Thanks for the opportunity to meet and greet (see what I did!) each and every one of y’all. And yes, the proprietor of this here establishment is one bad bitch. Read this blog. It’s awesome.

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    1. You qualify! I need to fix this post and say EVERYONE is welcome. Besides, you can hang with my craziness. And you’ve got great content – y’all go click him. Right now! Or you’re grounded to your blog, with no alcohol.

      And thank you, T. Wayne, for your kind words. 🙂

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  6. Hahaha…I know what you mean about misunderstandings. I’m also (too) concerned about offending others, even though I constantly kid myself by saying, “What the fuck do I care?”
    Oh, and the L-word…eeerrrrr…why does that make me nervous? 😉

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  7. Well, seeing as I asked Santa for a special toy to assist / embellish that particular activity, I’m pretty sure that’s the start of a blog post topic. Especially if Santa comes through with that gift. 🙂

    I have to confess… I’m afraid to link to music I’ve been into lately for fear that everyone (mostly strangers ehre!) will think I’m incredibly lame.

    But here goes anyway… a few links… same band…


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    1. Those are lovely links – I’ve never heard of that group. I’ll be digging into it – thank you!

      P.S. And I can’t believe I’m saying it. But fuck it. I just got my first ones about…four years ago? WOO. I highly recommend it. 😀


  8. I hate to bail but I have been (barely) functioning on about 4 hours of sleep each night this week… I think I was having some anxiety-induced insomnia. So… I think I must head off to bed. Jimmy Fallon just said good night, so I probably should, too. Because even though Seth Meyers is funny, he can’t be bothered to do a live show on Fridays. Slacker! (Said the unemployed lady…)

    Awesome meeting all of you… and thanks again, Stephanie, for inviting me over. Let me know when you’re going to do this again…! I am on the east coast (of the USA)… how many hours off are we? xo

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    1. Just one hour off, I think. It’s probably getting close to 1 AM for you. It’s nearly midnight here…

      Thank you for coming over, Sandra! I hope you’re able to rest – and I hope you wake up to some new bloggy buddies.

      Y’all best be clickin’!

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  9. Hey, so I’m a little late to the party, but that’s the cool thing to do, right? Anyway, here’s my blog:

    And yes, I qualify as a loony, as you’ll tell from my posts. Especially this one, which I wrote pretty recently and liked writing,

    Oh, and since there’s a music theme here, this is what I’m listening to right now.

    I really wanna meet mark wahlberg and bring up this song, just to see how he reacts.

    Oh, and I hope all those links posted right, cause I’m doing this from my phone. If not, I’ll fix it later. Party on.

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  10. Time to sign out of the blogosphere…just remembered that I have a body that needs to rest. Thanks for hosting this loony meet and greet, Flickering Passionsticks/Storytellaneous! It’s been fun.

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  11. Sorry I missed out last night, guys. I was dead asleep while you were hangin’ 😦

    Anywho – non-Steph (cause she hates that name), Stephellaneous, asked for links, so here goes – most of my stuff is writing oriented, not music, but… – The Road to Nowhere – random shit, including song days (today happens to be one) – The Dark Angel – my horror and oh so moody (sometimes funny, but not often) blog – Pen of the Damned – me plus 9 other horror & angsty writers spilling our guts (BTW – these peeps are well worth getting to know!) – This Squirrel’s Nuts – another personal blog where I’m trying to learn to share/whine at the world, not just my walls! – Spreading the Writer’s Word – this one is all business; nothing but great book posts for the readers out there; some romance/smut, but mostly thriller/horror/mystery.

    As always, late to the party, but I’ll help clean up! 😉

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    1. Hahaha hey! You can call me Steph – promise. I came to terms with it a long time ago. And I know people don’t mean any harm by it. 🙂

      Thank you for joining in! I say party here all weekend! Woo! So glad you came over.

      Y’all…check her out and while you’re at it, follow her on Twitter, too! 🙂

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  12. Well, okay, since I know I’m bipolar w/severe depression and anxiety disorder ~ hospitalized a few times ~ and most of my writing now is … hmmm, either mystical or mytho-poetic I might qualify as crazy or looney or whatever! However, if you want fuckin’ (had to get the word in somewhere!) leivity … well, I’m not fuckin’ level. (LOL how’s that for a start???)

    At any rate, yes I do have some links to share:

    The first from one of the best kick-ass writer/poets I know (see, I can get the rough and tough language in at the appropriate places! LMAO) just wrote, “An Absence of Peace”

    And my blogger friend, Sheldon Kleeman, just wrote “Storm Fear,” which is definitely worth the read considering present circumstances:

    Finally, my own contribution ~ not levity ~ but an altogether meditative piece focusing on life … hopefully to somewhat calm the storm now raging in so many of our hearts:

    Don’t like any of this? Fuckin’ trash it! (LOL … I don’t usually use “strong” language, so … how did I do? I mean both w/foul language AND being looney???) Peace and Blessings!


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    1. Hahaha! That was awesome – I love it! I haven’t met the first one you listed, I don’t think. Yay, a new one!

      Thank you so much for sharing and for introducing us to others as well. Lovin’ it – you’re awesome!

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  13. Hi everybody! I’m sorry I’m late to the party, Stephellaneous! :/ It’s typical of me to be late to a party, work, etc. I’d say I kinda fall into the crazy category myself. I promise I’m crazy in a good way though! 😛 My name’s Lisa and I’m from Life of an El Paso Woman. I blog about all kinds of things like music, current events, entertainment, stuff that goes in El Paso, Texas, etc. Here’s one of the very first posts I did. I did a review on a weekly underground comedy show. Since it was on a Tuesday night, I’m bringing this song. I haven’t heard it on the radio in months. Thanks for hosting the party and it’s great to meet you all! Shots anyone??

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      1. One of the local stores back in the day was offering one volume a week of the Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedia… so my Mom decided to start collecting them for me and my sisters. She made it up to Volume 18 before she lost interest. So we did a lot of reports in school on topics that didn’t go above “NEW I” in alphabetical order…

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  14. Hi Stephellaneous. Nice to see you again. Well, technically it’s not really “see” I suppose but maybe “mingle” or “bloggle”? Anyway, I’m glad I’m here.

    Hi fellow crazies. I’m David. Newly crazy. Well, newly talking about being crazy. It feels good.

    Okay, so here’s a link to my crazy visit to the grocery store recently:

    And here’s a link to a song I’ve been sort of obsessed with. It’s a few years old but it does the trick:

    Thank you:)

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  15. Thanks for the visit and the follow! I am at work at the moment and scrolling through your site. Can’t let the music rip in the workroom but am looking forward to exploring your site tonight and find some new “looney” tunes. I have 2 blogs at the mo. My newest is a purely photographic one with a post a day. Each day’s theme comes from a word someone leaves me or someones blog. I know I will be getting an idea or two from your blog!
    The other is my blog on living in Japan, travel and anyother place my mind takes me.
    Thanks for host this wonderful little piece of happy madness!

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  16. So, I’m going to kill two birds with one stone and say thank you for following my blog! It’s much appreciated and super nice to meet you. Moreover, I thought I’d take the amazing opportunity you gave us (thank you for that, btw) and just leave a shameless plug and a link.

    Here’s one of my more popular posts, where we talk about human nature! I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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    1. It’s supernice to meet you, too! And I’m superhappy you stopped by to drop your linky – this was a blast to do, and I’m pumped about the turnout!

      I’m adding you to the list of links on the next post, too! 🙂

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  17. Hi Stephale.. no, Stepenai….Stiphen…. urgh, God! now, you’re gonna hate me already!
    let me just copy paste! And start again….

    have been visiting your blog off and on. And i must say, you so deserve all the awards that you’ve been getting. So many congrats!
    With that out of the way, let me get down to blatant and shameless self promotion.
    Please visit me , especially since you’ve invited all loonies. If you have any doubts about me being qualified enough, hopefully reading my About page shall .
    And here, again shamelessly, I shall ask Sandra ( to also put in a good word about me being a basket case.

    🙂 (Sorry, about that pathetic distortion of your name. A very poor attempt on my part at being funny 😦 )

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