An Island Getaway (from me): A 100-Word Story

She met him at the airport in Dubai. Blushing and hopeful, she waited for him to embrace her.

But he never would.

He offered a tentative smile and motioned toward the gate with a nod of his head.

Hopping aboard the plane, they embarked on the next leg of the journey. Onward to an island paradise. With so much nervous excitement, she had looked forward to sitting beside him on the flight.

But he leaned away.

The week passed slowly: him writing on the sofa, her crying in the bedroom.

She waved goodbye, broken and spent.

He never looked back.


Thank you, T. Wayne, for inviting me to participate in the 100-word challenge. Y’all should check out his blog – he talks about a variety of things and with impeccable writing, at that. His music posts and personal reminisces are my favorites. Go give him a look-see. You won’t regret it.

51 thoughts on “An Island Getaway (from me): A 100-Word Story

  1. Stephanie, that is wonderful writing. You managed to tell a vivid story in such a short number of words. I just hoped it was not based on some sad real life event.

    Having recently been involved in some academic study, my nemesis was the word count, so I really admire those with the skill to say much in few words.

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  2. I would fail this so bad. In college those 500 word essays always turned into 3k then had to be chopped. Goodness, just remembering exhausts me.

    Well written and emotionally packed. πŸ‘Œ

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    1. Oh man yeah…I had this one little shit review my writing in college. He called me “overly verbose.” So I snatched my paper back and said he was “redundantly repetitive.” He didn’t get it…but hehe…I took this 100 word thing as a personal challenge to get it done.

      And thank you, Zoe…thank you thank you! πŸ™‚


      1. You’ve inspired me to take up the challenge…but don’t hold your breath (crazy busy these days and recovering from a nasty cold). Bonne nuit, mon amie! (Rhyme intended :-))

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      1. And I’m sorry if this is a little weird, I was trying to catch up the reading, read a handful of your post and when I read this one I was still thinking; Damn I thought I was the only human who listens to both Modest Mouse and Kanye West!
        Goodnight Stephanie πŸ™‚

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    1. I didn’t delete it – I just reverted it to draft until I got to talk to you some more. Work was really bad today…I left in tears and haven’t had time to reply to your email yet. Not ignoring you – promise. πŸ™‚

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      1. Oh, thank God. I really thought you hated me. 😦

        And if you want to talk about what made work so shitty, I would be more than happy to “listen.” Or if you want to think about something else to get your mind off it, I’d be happy to do that, too! xo β™₯

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      2. Ohhhh no, not that easily. You wouldn’t believe the shit Queen Bitch has put me through to make me despise her. I don’t hate easily…well, people in general, yes…specific people, no. πŸ˜€

        I’m gonna do my best to reply to you tonight, but I’m emotionally exhausted…it may be tomorrow. But I promise I’m gonna reply to your email. I did read your reply! And then shit exploded, and I ran away from work in tears…hehehe…I sound like a kid. It wasn’t exactly like that, but it was bad.

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    1. I am okay with it!

      I wanted to talk to Stephanie in private about that and other stuff and what happened after and all the new friends that came over to visit me… and just all sorts of things, but I think she took it to mean that I wanted her to take that post down… but I didn’t want that! I didn’t mean that! I just wanted to get her opinion about some stuff that came up as a result.

      And now I keep trying to email her back because now I’m afraid she’s upset with me. And I feel like such a bitch. I didn’t mean to… I didn’t mean to… anything. And WP kicked me out earlier and I didn’t know what was going on, but I had to re-follow a bunch of blogs and this was one of them and she probably thinks I did something, but I swear, I didn’t. 😦

      And I probably just lost the best friend I’ve had in years.

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      1. Hey, hey, hey woman! Sending tons of virtual hugs and flowers and shit (I mean like, and stuff…not like sending virtual poo…).

        I only set it back to draft, and I was about to reply to you when work blew up again. Queen Bitch is on a rampage and gunning for my job. I didn’t mean to make it worse. Haha! Damnit! I’ll put it back up – I’m not ignoring you, and I’m not upset with you or mad at you or any of that!


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  3. I realize this may be hard to believe (not!) but my brain has a tendency to run with the worst possible thoughts (And snowball them…)… and not bother considering the good ones. You didn’t make anything worse and I need to stop being such a boob.

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    1. Ohhhhhh girl, I do it, too. Promise. I totally get you. I’m used to being the only person that reacts that way, so I ASSUMED (dummy) that it would be a relief to you if I took it down. Again, assuming making an ass out of me. I would have reacted the way you did…oh shit, she took the post down and didn’t reply and well fuck it I’m deleting the blog now!

      I restored it. I’ll leave it up to you to tell me whether to hide or delete it. πŸ™‚

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      1. Please don’t worry about replying to my email… I have hidden in a work bathroom sobbing before… and cried all the way home… I won’t even admit how many times! I understand. Do whatever you need to do for you so you don’t have to punch that bitch. πŸ™‚ Also, please don’t feel bad about anything to do with me — I was confused, so I’m sure everything came out confused and I know you’ve only wanted to help me from the start. Which is why you are the best. And quit calling yourself an ass. I was gonna say you’re the opposite of an ass, but I’m not sure what that would be. xo β™₯

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      2. I know…one of us is out of work and the other one wants a new job. What kind of bullshit is this…

        Is the opposite of ass, the hole? Or maybe the head?

        I’m being gross. And also at least seven tenths delirious.


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