Winds of Change: A 100-Word Story

Fearsome winds whipped sodden detritus about her feet, the ground slick from last night’s storm.

Only mist now meandered its way down from still laden clouds, caught in wisps of wind here, trickling down a lamppost there.

Adjusting her hoodie and leaning into the wind, she stuffed her cold hands into her pockets and trudged forward.

Heart pounding, she couldn’t stop, magnetized toward something unknown. Heady from winds of change, dizzy in contemplation, she didn’t see the limb in her path.

Looking up at the boy that caught her, she knew she had finally found the source of the pull.

130 thoughts on “Winds of Change: A 100-Word Story

      1. Geesh, I hope so, or I shall look like a complete ninny…a fave word from Elf…..just popped into my head….in a giddy mood…ready for bed half hour ago…waiting on goofy cat outside to do her business….refuses the litter box…yet rings the bells on the door when she has to go out to do ahem…things…..I loved that piece… have quite the well rounded talent my friend….just in case you were not awareπŸ˜€

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      2. Thank you so much! Words like yours mean the absolute world to me. Here I feel I’m just totally winging it, completely out of my element and you praise me like this. Thank you so so much.

        Giddy ninny! Now there would be a phrase…but you’re no ninny. πŸ™‚

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      3. I only wish I were around more regularly my friend…no excuses….just crazy busy work, the move is on for the house, but I truly relish the moments where I can take a few minutes and really delve into the great works of others…..trying new things is tough, but if we don’t try, we never know….and failure has created more success, albeit through anguish…than we know, but that story was really good, I wouldn’t say if not so… Keep pursuing it…yet selfishly I enjoy the F bombs and gutter talk just as much, makes my day more complete. You’re welcome and I’m glad to see you back…I may not read right away….sometimes I save you where I can really delve in and absorb…with full attention…you are among a handful like that….just so you know.
        , respect and always, nuts….Brazil of course,

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      4. No, I’ve been absent a lot, too. Not only on my own space from a really deep depression I couldn’t shake (then it got worse from a lithium induced waking-coma). But I’m feeling a lot better now, yet I’ve been woefully neglecting others’ blogs. I rely on my emails now because the reader is too cluttered. But I’m only getting email notifications from about 1/4 of the people I follow. I’ve been avoiding using bookmarks because WORK. But it looks like I’m gonna have to.

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      1. I can’t help that my music tastes are vastly superior to yours. It just happens =D

        Jokes aside, I still want to know the other recommendations you were going to make.

        And no worries. It was an enjoyable read.

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      2. I know. I’m an asshole. A busy asshole who hasn’t emailed my Aussie friend. Keep reminding me, because it looks like I’m gonna have a busy weekend. and then I’ll fucking forget again.! I hate that about myself!

        P.S. You and Josh and your music superiority. HMPH.

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      3. You didn’t include them on the list.

        I knew of Keith Jarrett, not Bert Jansch and every now and then I’ll listen to Massive Attack.
        But still, there is also Final, Jesu and Coil (I had to walk about four metres to the right to see what I had as I couldn’t think of a third to add for a moment).

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      4. I know I didn’t include them on the list! I’m better at this shit when we’re rolling live like this in convo! You don’t know Bert Jansch – you’re in for a treat, I think.

        Kenna. Did I ask you about Kenna? I did, I think. I can give you lots of Delta Blues if you’re into that. (You should be or you have no business discussing music.)

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      5. Piss off no business not being into Delta blues.
        You’ve no business if you know not Australian music.

        Check and mate, mate.

        Yes, include it on the list.

        The music I like is stuff I hear that I like, so I’m happy to digest whatever comes my way.

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      6. You piss off! HMPH. HMPH!

        So check out Lafayette Thomas: Deep South Guitar Blues. See what you think. I don’t wanna put them in the list! Thinking of doing a whole damn post of em.

        P.S. Delta Blues beats the shit outta just about any other music there is. And is the foundation for so much!

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      7. I’ll check them out (and that) later as I’m going to be plugging in and noising away very shortly.

        Delta blues is good, but there is a lot of good Australian stuff that might just challenge it.

        For the record, I don’t think Australian music is necessarily the best.

        I do find it to be criminally ignored, even within Australia.

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      8. Hehehe I won’t lob anything at you. I get so nervous about trying to recommend music! You know everything already! I may have to ask readers for their most obscure shit and dedicate that post to you. What do you think?

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      9. Yeah!
        And The Civil Wars
        LTJ Bukem
        Big Bud
        808 State
        Last Rhythm
        booka Shade
        Cut Copy
        Red House Painters
        Elliot Smith
        A Great Big World (especially Say Something – crushes my soul)

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      10. Well, to be fair, you did mention Cut Copy, who happen to be from Melbourne.

        There are some others (AAA being one) that I know of, but haven’t really given a proper listen.

        Also, I do really REALLY want to give LTJ a good go.

        I want to hazard a guess and say Ok Go, but that would be too obvious.

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      11. No, you need this in your life (though you probably already know it). I’ll do my best to find a way to find it. The F on my keyboard is fucking up. It’s like ligatures are dropping out.

        Anyway. I need that group back, too. So lemme do some digging. Though it still coulda been one I already named. I’m kinda sucky at this stuff.

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      12. It’s one of those kind of trippy groups. And a woman is singing, I believe. There’s a lemon with eyes and female lips and it’s animated like the lemon is singing and bopping around. It’s the best shit ever. Gotta get stoned to it, too!

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      13. Damnit, I don’t think it’s them OR Mr. Scruff. That one had good potential. I don’t THINK it’s Mr. Scruff. Still may be.

        Not Nujabes. Too quirky for them, I think.

        Defo not bonobo.

        Shit shit shit


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      14. Hehehe unfortunately that is NOT it. I know that I had it on a YouTube playlist. I used to keep things there so that I’d know what to download (I mean purchase…) later. But I’ve noticed that a lot of my vids have been scrubbed either from users vanishing and taking their uploads with them or the vids being removed from YouTube altogether. I think my kickass lemon one was one of em. 😦

        It was a very realistic lemon, with bright red lady lips, and the singer’s voice was coming through the lemon. So the lemon was singing and bouncing around on a piano maybe? Shit. This is driving me bonkers.

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      1. Funny that I just mentioned your other 100-word story (saying it was one of your few ‘non-rambling posts :-)) a couple of days ago…is this your way of limiting how much you write in a post? πŸ˜€

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  1. Bravo! The following is truly a bust of your stones,well, if you had them: I did not think you were capable of writing in such a manner. I thought you were all about sh*t, piss, and corruption! Once again, just kidding!

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    1. Haha wait, what?! I don’t see a bust of stones! I totally have stones. They’re just on the inside, man!

      Writing in such a manner..I hope that’s a good thing. HAHAHA!

      P.S. I’ll corrupt the shit outta you! (Probably not; I just talk a big game.)

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