Playlist Party: A Fanfunkingtastic Musical Meet & Greet

Gather round, Peopleaneous, for it is time for another Playlist Party. It’s been a while since I did the last one, and it was a blast. So let’s do it again, shall we? Again and again and again…wait. Sorry. Got a little carried away.

Also, we’ve had lots of new additions to the kickassingest community on WordPress, so let’s make this a combo punch: The Funkiest Meet & Greet Playlist Party on the block!

I’m in a total funk mood this morning. And I don’t mean like, “I’m in such a funk.” I mean, Can’t Stop the Funk! So here are the rules, except I hate rules, so here’s the gist of how I’d like things to go down. But y’all are your own people, so feel free to wing it:

  • I want your body links! Drop a link to your about page or one of your favorite posts and maybe a little about you. However you wanna shake it down, go on witcha bad self. Feel free to shout-out one of your favorite blogs, too.
  • While you’re at it, it would be fanfunkingtastic if you got funky with me. My funk playlist is woefully inadequate, so why don’t we build one together? Y’all are awesome and seem to love boogying down with music posts. So let’s do this thang chickenwang!
  • Oh! Oh! Also! Feel free to drop a link even if you don’t have a song – I know we don’t all dig the same music!
  • Oh! Oh! Oh! Also! Again! It can be current or oldschool funk. Can ya dig it?

I’ll get us started off with a few off of my current playlist. This isn’t all of them, but I’ll give you some of my current faves.


The one I was listening to this morning on the way to work. Because of this burning in my soul:

Because sometimes a white girl gotta play that funky music:

Because sometimes you believe in things you don’t understand:

Rock me again and again and again and again and again…

Because it’s slippery when it’s wet:

Let’s set this bitch on FI-YAH!

Because I’m a bayou girl and I got fire, too!

Because I wanna get down, get down:

Because I want you to funk my life up:

Because who can get enough of The Commodores?

And this list is not complete without a little James Brown. Good God!


Your turn, y’all! Let’s get funked up!

113 thoughts on “Playlist Party: A Fanfunkingtastic Musical Meet & Greet

  1. You’ve got to put Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk in here and….let’s see….of course Parliament – We WANT the Funk! Lol. I think I need this today as well.

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  2. “Get Up Offa’ That Thing” is one of my faves. The Meters are one of my favorite funk bands too! You’re a bayou girl, huh? From where abouts? Anyway, here’s a few to help y’all get up offa’ your thangs:
    “Bootzilla” by Bootsy’s Rubber Band
    “One Nation Under A Groove” by Funkadelic
    “Bring The Funk” by Ben Harper

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      1. Awesome! I lived in New Orleans years ago, and go back and forth 4-5 times a year. When I met my wife, I was pleased to find that her mom lived in Long Beach, MS. We’ve been going to that area for 30 years now. Love it!

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      2. It’s my favorite city. No place like in the world. I just went for a Grateful Dead show. I had never been. Ended up staying. That began a 30 year affair with the place. Further south from there is different too. Have a friend who’s from Houma and yes, the accent is thick. Awesome people there. I’d like to catching beads, or tossing some, right now. πŸ˜ƒ

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      3. I’m thinking about going to Jazzfest this year. I’ve never been, but I don’t think I can resist the lineup this time! Kinda scary thing to do by myself (for an anxiety ridden, socially awkward person). But I don’t think I can pass it up!

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      4. I hear ya. I remember one year, my wife and I were just dating at the time. We were on a side street, can’t remember which, too long ago. But anyway, we noticed people gathered in front of one hotel. We stop and look up, and it’s John Goodman on the balcony tossing beads. It must’ve been written on the breeze, because within minutes the whole block was crammed. The two of us got separated, the crowd movement forcing us apart and to flow where it took us, like playing in waves. It was a bit intense.

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  3. I happen to think Tom Morello is one of the best funk guitarists around. Modern funk, or “funk rock” is more my style, a la the California bands (Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers), but I *do* love me some ’70s funk too. The latter is already well represented here, so I’ll hit you with the former.

    And I think Audioslave (supergroup headed by Chris Cornell and composed of former Rage band members) is some of the best funky rock fusion music ever made.

    I write about music (and musicians) sometimes on my blog (for example:, and I keep a running playlist of songs I’ve posted, here:

    ENJOY! πŸ˜€

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      1. If you cut me, mine name shall forever be revealed and then I’d have to… I don’t know… probably once again prove my superior musical taste.

        Also, I’m pretty sure you would have read my “about” section at least… seven times now.

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  4. ‘Play that funky music’ was the first single I bought and it still makes me very nostalgic. After Paolo Nutini’s first smash hit ‘New Shoes’, I met him on the flight from Glasgow to Newark. He was going to appear on ‘Good Morning’. We chatted and I asked what he was doing next. He was going on the road with Amy Winehouse in Texas and seemed ambivalent because she was often ‘out of it’. They weren’t his exact words but it was a while ago. BTW, he is drop dead gorgeous in real life but even this cougar is too old for him (but I would have given it a shot…) πŸ™‚

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    1. Dance dance dance! That one gets me everytime. If I’m not careful, I end up doing the “Carlton” to this one. There are a lot of good songs out’chea on this playlist.

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  5. Hopefully this link works when uploaded, if not then haha you have to view it the hard way :p but seriously (not seriously) this is a song off my favourite TV show The Mighty Boosh, it has funk in the title? Little bit fun right?
    Don’t think I’m a weirdo yet, well check out my blog maybe?!
    Hope that ones not manual either but it’s got me fucked as to why links don’t work for me in comments.

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  6. After I get back going later I will add a couple later. I saw the list and thank on top of da funk there’s some blues up in here and will add some of dat and a song or two dat are funk

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