Today’s Tunes: Brought to You by a Chillin’ Stephanie

It’s always a positive sign that I’m feeling better and more mentally stable when I start digging into music again. When I’m at the depths of my depression, I can’t even reach for music – my soul’s food. Given all the music I’ve been listening to and the string of music-related posts, I have yet another sign that I’m steadily on the upswing. Thanks to a myriad of factors, no doubt. My wonderful Peopleaneous, a few in particular who have seen the darkest sides of me and helped me through, another particular one who thrills me to no end, and the medications I’ve been put on have no doubt played a significant role as well. Never again will anyone hear me say psychiatric medication is bullshit.

I feel compelled to share what my soul is filled with this morning. Soothing me and tugging at me and pushing me and pulling me with its raw passion and purity. This, my friends, is art. It’s all instrumental, but you can hear Keith getting into it. Crying out at times, because he is music.

Keith Jarrett’s Changeless Album (4 songs in total)




I can’t fucking find “Lifeline”. Ripped off!


Ahhhhhh yes. Enjoy, my friends. Enjoy.

167 thoughts on “Today’s Tunes: Brought to You by a Chillin’ Stephanie

      1. yay! I liked them very much! I usually have to be in a certain mood for instrumental music. I am fascinated with lyrics most of the time. but this was very nice to listen to today! thank you for introducing me to it! 🙂

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      2. Yes, I’m drawn to lyrics the most. I latch onto them in pretty much everything I listen to. Poetry set to music, and it moves me so. I pay very close attention.

        But sometimes, you just gotta let the words fade and meld into the raw music.

        I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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  1. Videos not working for me for some reason :(, but yay to you defrosting and warming your way to stability. I saw your tag ‘catharsis’ and thought it said ‘carcass’, lol. I’m roasting chicken right now. Maybe that’s why?! 😉

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      1. Well expletive.

        How about instead verb?

        I bloody will well not!

        I’m heading to work currently. Makes it a bit more difficult than listening on my computer-ter.

        And here I thought this ol’ clam would enjoy the life of marriage. Instead I’m being adjectived all the time.

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      2. Excellent.

        I listened to some of your Keith Jarrett. Too much metal. Not enough jazz.

        Mayhap not necessarily a need to be content with your surroundings, but more a need to be content with you, regardless.

        Also, the die has been cast and the gauntlet has been thrown down.

        You’ve got mail and a story about a young, dashing, handsome male and his struggle with how he sees his nationality.

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      3. Bahaha!
        Do not critique the Jarrett. No. Seriously. He’s special to me, and I understand if he doesn’t speak to you. But he reaches into my soul.
        And you know something? I’m slowly becoming content with me, but fuckin’ hell it’s a process.

        I’ll check my mail as soon as I get a lengthier break at work! Yay! Mail!


      4. Far too metal though.
        I mean, why would you want to listen to so many down-tuned guitars banging out the same note whilst someone wails on about mining?

        Jokes aside, probably not my bag but I’d have to give him a proper go.

        A process it is but it is worth it.
        Positive thing of the day right there. TA-DAAAA!

        And yes. Mailmailmail.

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      5. Fair call.

        And I see the gauntlet has been thrown back into my face. With gusto. And a horse!

        Also, you made a good post here. Thought I should probably say that at this point, because it is.

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      6. …Maybe (Just maybe) you should try and get out of work using the timezone difference as an argument, calculating how much work you’ve done for the week against how many hours you work, then pointing out that had it been in Australia, you’d have worked from Monday to Saturday by this point.

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      7. O.o
        P.S. I’ll have to answer your latest email later! I’m starting to get sleepy, and I have asstons of stuffs to do tomorrow.

        Oh. And I’m totally gonna shoot you with one of those whistling darts.

        Right it the nose.


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  2. You used to think psychiatric drugs were bullshit?? I’m SO glad you’re starting to feel better, especially as you experienced such awful side effects at first. Are you still on all the meds you were originally prescribed except lithium?

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      1. Like a baby. But I’m tired all day long. I think the ones for depression and mood regulation need to shift to nighttime because they list drowsiness as a side effect as well. And she has me taking those in the morning.

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      2. But babies don’t sleep that well (or so I’ve heard from ‘baby owners’). 😉
        Are you going to shift the depression and mood regulation ones to nighttime before seeing the doctor/pharmacist again?

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  3. Love the music choices Steph, never heard of this guy before so will defog add him to my collection. Good background music when turned low or good foreground when belted out. Two music styles for the price of one!
    P.S, so glad you are finally feeling brighter and better. You take care now.

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