Shazamify My Life: The Last Ten Songs I Shazammed

I’ve had a busy week. And I’m looking down the barrel of an even busier weekend. But at least the weekend will lack the stress of the week. In fact, I’d say this weekend is full of potential. But that’s for another post.

Speaking of posts, I have a title for one I wanna write. But I still haven’t worked it all out in my head. So while that marinates, I thought I’d do a fun little music post. I use Shazam a lot. Usually at least once a day.

I don’t mean these Shazams:

I mean this Shazam:

Shazam Logo

If you have a Smartphone and have never heard of this app, download it. Now. I’ll wait.

If you like music but don’t have a Smartphone, go buy one. Then download this app. Now. I’ll wait.

Oh and if you don’t like music, just get out. Seriously, what the fuck is the matter with you?

So. Shazam. This nifty little app helps you identify songs you hear on the radio, at the bookstore, playing through your walls from the neighbor’s house, coming through the TV. Whatever. You push the little shazammy button and SHAZAM, you suddenly have the title and artist of what you’re listening to!

Anyway, as I said! I’m one busy motherfucker and I have things to do: a bag to pack, an application to finish, copy to edit, pizza to eat. So let’s get to this mofo.

The Ten Most Recent Shit I Shazammed

R. City feat. Adam Levine – Locked Away – heard on the radio. Also, is it just me, or is Adam Levine only attractive when his tats are exposed? In fact, let’s just put a bag over his head and strip him down. WHAT. The actual fuck. This is a clean blog, people. Do not talk about those things here! Besides. R. City is the one that makes this song.

Highly Suspect – Lydia – FanFuckingTastic. Hotdamn, this is one of the best ones I’ve shazammed lately.

Sun Drug – Wildman – Hell. Yes. Damn, I shazam some good shit.

Tove Lo – Talking Body – I wasn’t a huge fan of her voice, but the lyrics are sexy. And I dig it. Because if you love me right…

Jason Derulo – Want to Want Me – Because Jason Derulo. And I clearly love good, fun, upbeat, sexy songs.

The Delta Saints – My Love – Holy. Fuck. Did I say I shazam some good shit sometimes? I shazam some good shit sometimes!

G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha – Me, Myself & I – I fucking love this song. Seriously, dunno what it is, but I love it. For once, I think I dig the chick’s part more.

Robin Schulz feat. Francesco Yates – Sugar – What can I say? I have eclectic tastes, and I love the shit outta this song. Anyway, how’d you get so fly, huh? Plus. Dudes. This is clearly the best fucking video on the list! Seriously, even if you hate this kinda music, that’s okay. Mute it and watch the video!

Major Lazer feat. Ellie Goulding and Tarrus Riley – Powerful – Sexy, soulful, yes. Aching, yearning, loving. Just. Yes. Because you could give it all, but it’s never enough. As it should be.

2Pac feat. Talent – Changes – Excellent lyrics, beat, rhythm. This song is responsible for making me reevaluate my opinion of 2Pac’s music.

Yep. That’s some eclectic stuff. And here’s a bonus shazam because I can’t even follow my own fucking rules. TEN, you say? Fuck you! Here’s ELEVEN! Muahaha!

Deftones – Hole in the Earth – Enjoy Deftones, because I fucking love ’em.


Now. What’s the last thing YOU shazammed?

92 thoughts on “Shazamify My Life: The Last Ten Songs I Shazammed

      1. I agree – this guy told me a couple of years ago “I just don’t like music.” I argued with him – SURELY there’s SOMETHING you like! “No. I actually can’t stand it.” WEIRDO.


    1. We’re similar in that regard. I can Google entire songs in one stream of consciousness (don’t you love dictating to Siri?) Then, the life soundtrack is a project I did with a few people in a workshop recently. It was a way to get people to introduce themselves. Music is awesome. Best wishes.

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      1. If you ever see the FF in concert you understand that they don’t over do the overdub’s on their records. What they record is how they sound. For me, an old guy and a guitar player, that is the mark of a true rock n roll band. Great bass lines, and some of the best guitar rifts around…..but you got to listen 🙂

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      2. I know! I loved Nirvana. I love Queens of the Stone Age. I never dug Foo Fighters. Mostly because I was young when Kobain killed himself, so I was mad at Dave for moving on. But as I said – I was still a kid, really. As an adult, I obviously understand that it’s preposterous to expect a man’s career to end because his bandmate killed himself. I really am being more objective now. 🙂

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      3. On the outside looking in, Dave appears to be a good soul, has gotten Krist Novoselic involved in some projects and kept Courtney Love at bay to protect what Kurt left for us to enjoy. But hey, that’s just my 10,000 foot view.


  1. Shazam I have not 😉 but I had all through summer “Locked Away” and “Sugar” and “Powerful” and “Want to Want Me” and “Talking Body” playing 24/7 on my radio . Will listen to the others now 😉
    Have a great weekend
    Turtle Hugs 🙂

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      1. Because I’m meek, and the meek shall inherit the earth? No? Maybe because it’s late and a long day and it might make you feel good if I were crushed by your mighty wit and musical choices. ☺

        Or maybe not.

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      2. Yes to the first; absolutely not to the second. She has talent, yes. There are some who are better, in my opinion. What’s so wrong about liking Earth, Wind & Fire?

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  2. I love this whole, every word, here thing going on. I TOTALLY agree with the adam thing, I don’t find him attractive without his tattoos, it has started many a fights with my friends. Love the music selection! Will definitely have to take the time later this weekend to listen to them all 🙂 A song I just discovered “stressed out” by twenty one pilots.

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    1. You know what?

      You know what?

      You can kiss my ass! Go on. Kiss it.

      You’re able to identify every single song on earth the moment you hear it, whether for the first time or twenty years later?


      Yeah 2Pac. Punk.

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      1. I’m not kissing your ass again. No matter how many roofies you slip me! 2Pac is overrated like crazy. Sane old, same old, wouldn’t have been nothing special if he weren’t shot. Totally unoriginal.

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      2. No shit, Sherlock. Did you not even read what I said? Or are you too busy biting my ass to comprehend it? I’ve always said 2Pac was overrated. But I said that song up there that I just recently heard has made me at least reevaluate and be more objective about it. That was a good song.

        And yes you will kiss it again. I won’t even have to drug you next time.

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      3. I did see that you said you’d have to reevaluate him, but I’m telling you it isn’t worth your time. He’s terrible, the song is terrible, and that infection on my mouth from last time is terrible!

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      4. I only call out the name Larry in my sleep because of the recurring nightmares about your you drilling your tongue in when I was roofied, pausing only to scream, “Call it Larry!” “Call it Larry!”

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      5. Seriously, I am making amazing STD and date rape jokes, and the best you got are gay jokes? Step up your game.
        That said, I was never in a bowling league, you are thinking of your ex, and I’m sorry he left you for a man, but it is really nothing he should be made fun of for. He should have been honest about his sexuality from the beginning with you. However, you need to stop projecting your insecurities onto me through date rape and naming your tongue Larry. What did the court-ordered counselor tell you about that?

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  3. Just listened to Locked Away and I really like it. I actually like Adam Levine singing in it (I realize it’s not his song, I’m just saying). So here are the last songs I’ve Shazamed (a lot of them I heard on One Tree Hill. They play great music on that show!):

    Rolling in the Deep (Adele)- I was surprised because I don’t really like her music
    Dance so Good (Wakey! Wakey!)-Never heard of them before the show!
    Kindly Unspoken (Kate Voegele)-Another singer I had never heard of before the show!
    Can’t Feel My Face (The Weeknd)


    1. Oh hell yes, you do! They released a recent album. Well, to me it’s recent. It has their same sound. You know it’s Deftones as soon as a song comes on. But it’s awesome. Some bands I’m glad stay in their zone without too much change. Love em.

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