A (Temporary) Departure

Sitting in the airport
Waiting for my flight
The one that will take me
Back far away from you

From the top of the country
I’ll return this day
With a heart so heavy
But so full of you

I blame you fully
For how I feel

You welcomed me warmly
Showed me your life
You made my heart skip
And stole the breath from my chest

So it’s your fault, my dear
That my pulse has quickened
And I want to flee the airport
Come running back to you

Just a few more things to tidy up
And I’ll be back before you know it
This is the flight that takes me away
Soon I’ll take another, this time to stay

67 thoughts on “A (Temporary) Departure

      1. Well, my understanding is that Lucien is from a book, as Kate Bush has written songs about literature, but I can’t be entirely sure as I’m not as familiar with her discography as I want to be.

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  1. Bjork is such a good choice. And I’m smiling a big big smile for you. Crossing my fingers and toes you have a seamless transition from one reality to the next πŸ™‚

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      1. I understand completely. Some of the outliers in the music industry appeal to me. Others, I can just never quite find the appeal.

        I like very few solo female singers, but she’s one of them. Along with Fiona Apple. I love her music.

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  2. I like Bjork. I often have a song pop into my head, I write either fiction or non fiction or a mixture off of it. This was a great and different side of you as you basically have been keeping some things close to your chest. So, you, like many of us have hints to the truth about us. With this it seems you have a bad pain, which I can relate. Or an old pain, which I can relate or a made up pain, which I have done and lastly that person you were looking for and missed or barely tasted, which I also relate to that. So now I break it up by saying my youngest sister calls me a slut when I went to her bar and never hit on anyone but got an audience. I was like Dayum. I am just me. Sometimes “just me” makes a great post like this.:) Love it!!!

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