Portfolio. What.

Dudes. (Yeah, I opened with that yesterday.) He fucking loved it. LOVED IT. My copy has been declared a rousing success – like three minor changes, and done. It’s finished now and has been sent back to creative for a full redesign around the new copy and ideas we bandied about in this morning’s meeting. It was fucking awesome.


Yes, I came here JUST to brag. I don’t brag in my day to day. But right here on this space…fuck it. I just bragged. I’m proud of what’s happening, and I couldn’t contain myself.

So I have a question forΒ  y’all. I can finally start building a professional writing portfolio. Do any of y’all have a favorite site or service that you use for that sort of thing? Or do you buy your own site? Don’t worry – I’m not getting too carried away here. I just want to use the brochure as a sample of my work. I figured it would be a good time to think about creating a portfolio.

Anyway. I hope to post something more interesting later, but for now…WOOHOO.

28 thoughts on “Portfolio. What.

  1. So fucking proud of you!!!! You so deserve it….gigantic fan here! I have no advice since I’m not a real writer but Damn I’m so excited for you Steph! “Movin’ on uuuuppp to the skyyyy” singin’ that funny song from The Jefferson’s in your honor πŸ˜‚

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      1. Uncanny you say this. I drove thru a poor neighborhood today. I guy was trying to drop a restored Cadillac (maybe late ’70’s) out of a box truck using steel auto ramps. Right ramp caved and the Caddy looked like the entire axle broke, among other things!

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  2. You should be proud
    You should throw your chest out and strut your stuff
    You have had a long season
    Of licking the scum off of other people’s shoes
    It’s your time to shine
    Boooyah for you toasty
    Big awesome high five
    Drinks around for everyone
    I’m buying
    The Sheldon Perspective

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