The Cube Test

Have y’all ever heard of The Cube Test? It’s going around the Internet again right now – all over Facebook, Buzzfeed, you name it. I’d never heard of it before (no big shock for me to not have heard of something). Some are calling it a Japanese psychology game. Others claim it has origins in ancient Greek or even Sufi psychology. I don’t really know, and I haven’t researched it. But I thought it was nifty. I love this kind of shit.

You’re presented with a series of questions that are meant to make you create a mental picture. You have to keep each of your answers in mind as you go along, because you’ll need those answers in the end. They’re supposed to reveal things about your psyche, about the kind of person you are. I found some of it accurate, and some of it wildly inaccurate. Regardless, I found it interesting.

Since I can’t find the video I watched (and the others are lame as hell), I’m gonna type the questions out. Try not to jump ahead if you’re playing along.


The Prompts

Imagine you are in a desert.


You come upon a cube.


How big is the cube?


What color is the cube?


How far is it away from you?


Somewhere nearby, imagine a ladder.


Where is the ladder located in relation to the cube?


What material is the ladder made of?


Picture a horse near the cube and the ladder.


What is the horse doing?


Is the horse wearing anything (such as reins or a saddle)?


Look around. Do you see any flowers?


If so, how many?


Where are the flowers in relation to the cube?


Now imagine there is a storm.


How do you feel about the storm?


How close is it to the cube, ladder, horse and flowers?




The Meaning (and my answers/reflections)

The size of the cube is a reflection of your ego. – I pictured the cube measuring in height roughly from my feet to mid-calf. Accurate enough, I suppose. I have some ego, of course, depending on what we’re talking about. But for the most part, I struggle with my sense of worth.

The color of the cube reflects how open you are. The lighter the color, the more open you are. – I pictured a clear, glass cube. Which is interesting. I’m pretty damn open here and somewhat in person, but I can also be extremely guarded. It usually depends on my surroundings.

The distance between the ladder and the cube shows how close you are with your friends. If the ladder is leaning against the cube, it shows that you and your friends trust and support each other. – My ladder was standing straight up in the air, several feet off to the right. Yeah. Probably because I don’t have any friends (in person, I mean). And I keep myself very. Very. Distant. Even being open, I am highly attachment averse.

The strength of the ladder’s material is meant to show the level of trust you have. – I pictured a ladder made of raw, untreated wood. I am a thousand percent trusting in a one-on-one relationship. Strangers? Coworkers? Acquaintances? You’re probably getting ready to throw acid on my face and shout my deepest, darkest secrets from the highest tower and the most popular social media platform.

The horse is meant to show how controlling or inhibited you are. If your horse is tied up, has reins or a saddle, it means you are controlling in your relationships. And the wilder the horse, the more uninhibited you are as a person. – I pictured a slick black horse, huge and powerful. He was standing there, stamping one of his front legs, snuffling impatiently, and completely unencumbered: no reins, no saddle, nothing. I am not very controlling in relationships…not very controlling at all, really. And as for inhibitions? It depends. I’m highly inhibited in some ways, but not at all in others. I will laugh my ass off, loud and unguarded. But if you want to talk to me about sex or bodily functions, I’m going to blush and stammer and look away. Unless of course if we’re in a relationship, then look out. You’re going to die of sex overdose.

The flowers reflect the kids you want in your life. The more flowers, the more kids you want. – Uhm. No. Wildly inaccurate. I fucking love flowers, dudes. I pictured hundreds of flowers. Ha! Yeah. Hundreds of wildflowers of all different colors. So at least the kids I no longer want are multicultural.

The closer the flowers are to the cube, the heavier kids are on your mind. – I pictured the flowers in a huge ring, encircling the scene in the middle of the desert. Oh. And the horse was eating some of the flowers now. Seriously. I’m pretty much past the kids thing. There was a time when I was overwhelmed with desire for kids. I’ve tucked that away in a deep, dark corner. I’m child-free and always will be.

The storm represents your fears and emotions. Far away and mild means you are calm in nature. Close and threatening means you are stressed and fearful, now and in life. – I pictured a storm far off in the distance. I could see the entire storm from start to finish, stretching across a portion of sky. I could see the lightening and the rain shadow, but I was in awe and completely unafraid. On my good days, this is exactly how I am. I’m completely chill and desirous of adventure and new experiences. On my bad days, I feel like I am the storm. But for the most part, at my heart, I’m zen as fuck.


Did any of y’all do it? Do you wanna share whether or not you found the answers interesting or accurate?

37 thoughts on “The Cube Test

  1. Do you mind if I cut and paste some of this? I’ll send a ping-back, so you can see it, as well. I kind of enjoy these things too.

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  2. “Cray cray” test, haha! Ok sure, may have some points that are correct but certainly not all, like you with the flowers.
    I dont know why, but “personality tests” creep me out, for some reason… for me, it’s like: Hey I’m looking for a job, not to reveal my whole private self to someone… heck, a date probably wouldn’t know that much about me after a few months. Luckily, in my country, they dont use personality tests much. Only encountered it once in like 15 years.. interesting but nooo not my thing. 😊

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    1. I love doing them – don’t really know why. But. I HATE doing them for applications or business purposes. I think it’s bullshit. If you can’t bother to try getting to know me in an interview, then don’t act surprised when I actually HAVE a personality. Grrrr.


    1. I envisioned a Rubik’s cube type…..cube…… But it was all one colour, different shades of the colour depending on where I imagined shadows would be and reflections of light. As it was like a Rubik’s cube with light blue, mirror sort of colour.

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  3. Ha ha ha I liked this, this was good. However, I imagined that the cube was the teseract, so I was super excited and picked it up. Bright side? It’s not too big, it was rather quite small, so I guess I don’t have an ego problem.
    Unless you count the fact that it was the teseract …. because otherwise, that’s a whole different ballgame. But I liked that cube.

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      1. Ha ha ha I’m glad!!! I was worried I might sound like a bit of a jerk, but I really thought the teseract would be awesome to see/hold!

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  4. I think I was a bit too practical… When I got to the flowers part I thought about having an oasis then started thinking about actual flowers you’d find in a desert. Then I decided on none because I was on top of a sand dune in the Sahara and there’d been no rain! Fun quiz though 🙂

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    1. Oh wow, Haylee. I get JUST like that sometimes! I love it. But I kept it pretty simple – and I liked the idea of having it in a ring because it closed in my little scene all nice and tidy. Of course, then that damn horse started eating them. 😀

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  5. I did this Steph and amazingly I found that it was quite accurate. I pictured a small cube, an aluminum ladder leaning on the cube (at which point the cube was bigger but farther away from me. The horse had no ties or saddle or reins. There were no flowers (possibly missed that bit) but of that I am glad as I am not too concerned about children given that I am nearly 50!
    As for the storm mine was way off in the distance and only really a shadow of one.
    I therefore am trusting, chilled, non controlling and devoid of ego.
    What a top bloke!! 😉

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  6. So weird, we were doing this in primary school at least once a year, different variations but the cube is the most famous of them. The only similar thing I got every time was the horse, mine is always huge, white and wild.
    If you like psychology based personality test then I assume you’ve done Myers Briggs, if you wanted to know (which you probably don’t but who doesn’t like sharing personality test results) I fluctuate between INFJ and INFP.

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  7. Medium,
    mostly transparent whitish color, medium distance, plastic ladder (plastic is breakable right? Haha), just a horse nothing else just standing there minding its own business,
    I saw two flowers I think and one of the flowers was on top of the horse so does that mean I will have boring children too?
    One flower was close and other was kind of far away haha what does that mean?
    The storm close and ibcould see iy between the horse and the cube i think. nasty and big and was heavy with clouds. No surprise there, I have an anxiety disorder.

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  8. I’ve been curious about this test, but don’t usually do videos without captions, so I never did it. So…thanks a bunch for typing it out! I’m gonna use my answers for a post and link here. (And thanks for giving me something to write about, you rock!)

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  9. OK, my horse and turquoise cube were in A DESERT. And I love my kids, so I’m calling an audible on this one. (throws flag into sandstorm)

    My ladder was leaning away from the cube against the edge of the TV I was watching this on. TAKE THAT HEADSHRINKERS.

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