The Getaway (Don’t worry. I’m not referring to an evacuation. This one’s not about assbutts. Oops.)

Listening to RHCP’s new album.
Digging it.
It’s warm and funky and quite mellow.
I’m on my third listen.
It has its weak points, but overall I’m loving it.
To give you an idea, most of it would fit in well on Stadium Arcadium.
Beats the shit outta the last album, which I found decent but haven’t gone back for repeat listens.
Now if the fuckers would tour more than the festival circuit or overseas.

It’s an interesting background for filling out the ten-page assbutts paperwork.
Got the paperwork from the anal prober today.
Went ahead and bought the mix for liquid fire.
And now I’m filling out the riveting medical questionnaire.
It’s so entertaining that I’m cheating on it with you.

In other news, I forgot to show you my bottle of eyeballs.
Wanna see?
You totally wanna see.


I’m all talked out, really. So I’m gonna bombard you with totally random snaps.

From the park last weekend.
Who knew Mother Nature was such a perv? I did, that’s who.
I love passive aggressive office notes. This is my latest find. I tried to find a magazine to clip letters out and glue “NO” in kidnapper-style letters. Missed opportunity right there.
Coworker found this smushed Cutie at the bottom of her bag. I kept it.
Trusty docs I’ve had since 7th grade. They were on a heavily discounted sale, because they’re a super unpopular style, so mom bought a pair for me. They’re a full size too big….she thought I’d grow into them. That’s some poor people logic right there. Needless to say, the eight times a year I wear them require three pairs of socks.
God I love search terms.
UNhappy with the condition I found my camera in after I let someone borrow it.

That is all.

Happy Friday.


21 thoughts on “The Getaway (Don’t worry. I’m not referring to an evacuation. This one’s not about assbutts. Oops.)

    1. mmmmmm satsumas. Ugh. I want a Satsuma now! It’s similar. Uhm. Cutie is the brand name, I suppose. It’s not a Satsuma. They’re almost perfectly round, like tiny little oranges. HA! I’m not sure what they are!

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