Playlist Party: 90s Grunge Rock

I’ve been in a total Grunge Rock mood today. Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots…you get the idea. And it occurred to me that I (don’t think) I’ve done a playlist for this particular sort of music. It further occurred to me that that’s bullshit and must change. Now.

So. I’d love if you contribute. You know I love jammin’ out, and it’s a 90s jams day. Preferably not like…you know, the boy bands. They have their place and all, and that place is (generally) not here. So. Wanna rock with me? Show me what you got.

I’ll start us off. (P.S. You can share links if you wish, but last time I tried a meet & greet, it was a straight up bust. But I hope you’ll at least join in the jam sesh. (I said sesh. Which makes me question what has happened to the state of my cool factor.))

Let’s kick it off with what I’m currently listening to.

Pearl Jam – Even Flow

Next up, a little ditty from my (hands-down) favorite 90s grunge rock group. And just look at Layne’s messy 90s hair. Yum. (I realize many of them have it, but this is some of the best. Except blonde.)

Alice in Chains – Man in the Box

Everybody needs some Aussie now and then. They’re next.

Silverchair – Anthem for the Year 2000

And sex. That’s popular, too, right? Yes. Yes, it is. Though the next song isn’t exactly sexy, despite the title.

Stone Temple Pilots – Sex Type Thing

Hmm. What can I say about the next one without being explicit? Nothing. So I shall only say, allow me to present my Bush.

Bush – Machinehead

Speaking of bushes, what about gardens?

Soundgarden – Pretty Noose

I had to be an adult to truly appreciate the next one. Now? Yes, please.

Nine Inch Nails – Closer

You’ll notice the next ones are the last on my list. They deserve to be here, regardless of being influential but highly overrated.

Nirvana – Heart-Shaped Box


Aside from RHCP, 90s grunge rock is what I listen to more than anything, I think. That hasn’t been the case lately. But today starts another kick of it, I think. Yeah.

Your turn! What would you add to this list?

67 thoughts on “Playlist Party: 90s Grunge Rock

      1. Yeah, I figured it was about sex. I mean “heart-shaped box?” But fuckin’ hell, I never associated it with Courtney Love. I think only because I try to block her existence from memory. πŸ˜€

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  1. And I like the list. All of the food groups are represented, although I would put different songs on there. For Pearl Jam, of course I would put black. For Alice in chains, I would have would. Bush would be glycerin. Soundgarden would be fourth of July. Also, put some Temple of the dog in there.

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    1. Oh yeah. Black is HANDS-DOWN my fave Pearl Jam song. I just happened to be listening to Even Flow at the time. So funny about AiC…I was listening to Would? but posted MitB instead! Oh oh Temple of the Dog! I thought about it, but since it has Vedder in it, I decided against it. It’s totally going in my actual list, though!

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      1. I’m listening to Tool now and realize my mistake in not thinking of them. They totally belong.

        Korn has never been my thing, though. But I could see how certain songs would fit the genre.

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      2. Also! Rage against the machine! Searching for the ghost of Tom Joad.” Don’t you wish they were still around to hear what they had to say about Trump?

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      3. Also, true story here: I asked for and got an Alice in chains CD for Christmas one year. I was at my grandparents house and told them about it. My grandpa asks, “who is Alice and why is she in chains?”

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  2. Excellent choices. Black is the best Pearl Jam tune ever, and I love it to blackness. I am also a big STP fan. Lotta one-hit wonders from the 90’s alternative on my tunes list…

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      1. Lol! The first was at age 20, 1991, on the way home from Key West with my last $40. I couldn’t eat the rest of the drive home, lol. I got it to Under the Bridge by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The second was in 1992 for my 21st birthday, and it was to Come As You Are by Nirvana in a shitty tattoo shop on Main Street in my college town. The third was in 1994, an addition to the one from my birthday, and it was to Angry Chair by Alice in Chains. The fourth was a couple months ago, and all of the songs I listed played on the 90’s Pandora station, except for the Chili Peppers.

        Sadly, in 1991, when grunge was hitting its prime, my friends got tickets to the first Lalapalooza, but I was too poor to go! I sure wish I could have been there! This is some of my all time favorite music. Pearl Jam is my very favorite, and Nirvana is my husband’s.

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      2. Nice! Those are great stories, Kay – and I’m superglad you shared! Thank you!

        RHCP is my all time favorite band, but when it comes to Grunge Rock, Alice in Chains is tops for me, followed closely by Pearl Jam….I think.

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      3. Awesome!! Alice in Chains is right behind Pearl Jam for me. It’s a shame Stanley isn’t around anymore…

        Do you call their music Pepperaneous?

        Have a great week, Steph!

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  3. I was a huge Soundgarden fan. I’ll add “Fell On Black Days”
    Alice In Chains too. I’ll add “Again”
    There’s a ton more. Silverchair was cool. Nirvana was iconic. And, I don’t need to know ANYTHING about Courtney Love’s box.

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    1. HAHAHA! Gah. I came so close to changing that song out. But, that’s what I used so fuck it. If I changed it, the comments wouldn’t make sense anymore. πŸ˜€

      I know you’re a fellow music lover. Glad you dig it!

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      1. Hey, once it’s out there, it’s out there. All your picks were great ones. I didn’t add any Nirvana to my picks because I figured any and all comments would take if that. Soundgarden was a fantastic band. πŸ˜ƒ

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      2. Hell yeah, they were! They busted out a new album recently, yeah? Still sounded pretty damn good.

        Nirvana is overrated (in MY book, but I know that’s a fairly unpopular opinion), but I couldn’t do this kinda list without ’em. There are some songs I’ll still listen to. Though…I’m questioning whether Heart-Shaped Box will ever be one of them again. I knew it was about..well..fuck it. I knew it was about pussy, but I never connected it to Courtney Love. I think I had an intentional mental block. Now? Ugh. I just shuddered again.

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      3. Definitely deserve a place…but I don’t listen to them nearly like I used to. I had a full on Nirvana phase at one point. Lasted until he killed himself, then I flipped ’em off and had trouble listening to them for a longass time. Pissed me off because I was struggling, so to see him do that made me angry and feel like it was a copout. (Don’t get me wrong. That was a young teen’s perspective. It’s quite a bit different now.)

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