Major Progress

It’s taken far too long to get to this point. I’ve met a good deal of resistance on selling the house.

But it’s finally time to list it. Since tomorrow is a holiday, it will have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday. 

I’m anxious about it, of course. I have a minimum I need it to sell for, so that I’ll have enough funds to move. If it doesn’t sell for at least that, I’m not quite sure what I’ll do.

One step at a time, though. And I’m about to take a significant one.

Anxious. But excited. I really hope I can make Oregon by year’s end, but it’s gonna take a lot of cash that I don’t actually have at this point.

Brainstorming and hoping for the best.

Anyway. Yay! I’ll be out from under this house soon. Which is good, because the bitch is heavy. 

In other news, I’ve been riding my bike lately. I’m fucking out of shape, man. I’m not doing well, but I’m legit giving it all I’ve got. So. I’ll keep it up and see what happens. Keeping track of my rides on an app so I can watch for improvement. Can’t ride tomorrow, though. I need a new tube for my tire. It only holds air for about 2.5 miles, and then it rapidly begins deflating. I need to take care of it before I ruin the wheel.

So. There’s my update! And I have a massive fucking headache. Well no, I didn’t get the headache that way. Unfortunately. I got it while I was riding the bike in the high sun. Because I’m a fucking genius. Heh.

Goodnight Peopleaneous!

30 thoughts on “Major Progress

    1. Thank you so much! I got some potential good news today. I posted an ad on Craigslist about two weeks ago? A woman replied to it today saying she’s interested – in my elliptical, not me. Heh. If she’s not too short for it, she’s gonna buy it! I’ll find out Thursday.

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  1. I haven’t ridden my bike in a year. It just sits in my living room, behind the table gathering dust as my ass gathers more fat and cellulite. Really, it’s because it’s just a workout to get it out the front door (you have to push it up the stairs to get it turned the right way to go out the door), then the main door, and finally, the bitch steps. I’m so glad I’m moving, but I’ll probably sell my bike. That makes sense 😑 Well, that was a crazy aside. I will be crossing my fingers and toes that your house goes for MORE than you need 🖖 (There’s no finger-crossing emoji, so this’ll do).

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    1. You’re the bestest! Thank you! I’m selling my elliptical and keeping the bike. My fatass needs entertainment while I exercise. I can’t stand getting on that thing and staring at the fucking wall. 😀

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      1. YES! I bought it years ago, and I just couldn’t stand it. I’d get bored after about 10 minutes. Okay, five. I forced myself to use it for about 6 months, and then I decided I’d rather hang myself in the closet than get on it one more time.

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      2. I shop at Target for household items, toiletries, etc. For groceries, I go to an employee-owned discount grocery store. There have only been a couple situations where I knew I would be better off going to Walmart, but it’s all risk vs. reward. It’s very real risk that I could contract leprosy if I go to Walmart. So, is the cheap pillow REALLY worth that?

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      3. Ooooo. Target! The Target around here is waaaaay too far away. As in – another 10 minutes and a fucking MALL. Stephanie does NOT do shopping malls. I think I’ve only been in Target…twice? Three times? It’s always sticky and smells like the circus (read: week old popcorn). Still. Just about anything is better than Walmart.

        There’s a local grocery I love…but it’s too pricey for me. So I go to Walmart…like five times a year. Which explains my fast food problem. Ha!

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      4. OK, if you’re only going 5 times a year, that’s not TOO bad 😉 Oh my gosh, our Targets are like BEAUTIFUL!! I was the Duchess on Yelp for like a week. Now I’m the second most checkin-er! That’s really bad!

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