Adulting 101

  • Move across the country, leaving behind (nearly) everything you’ve ever known. Oh wait, that totally doesn’t count as adulting.
  • Job hunt for three months, because you refuse to settle (at least until your shekels run out).
  • Land a job from your shortlist of “dream” jobs…then promptly find the negatives (even though you actuallyΒ kinda love the work – don’t worry. I anticipate rants aplenty.).
  • Commuting an hour each way, in good traffic – only taking one week to get sick to death of that aspect. To death.
  • Keeping your after-hours tutoring gigs because bills. Because money. Because adulting. Because your “dream job” is highly underpaid.
  • Become a slightly better-functioning night-owl/pseudo-insomniac and running on four hours of heavily medicated sleep-aid sleep at best.
  • Start adding a shot of espresso to your usual vanilla chai latte because tired as fuck, even though the taste makes you want to spew chunks.
  • Neglect the things you like, again, but this time with legitimate excuses (such as the schedule that has me running from 5 AM to 8-9 PM (which is usually when I finally make it back to basement)).
  • Get used to being abandoned by those whom once claimed they’d be by your side forever. Grow just callused enough to make it through the day, but sometimes still cry yourself to sleep at night. Whoops, that got dark. My bad.
  • What I meant to say was something along the lines of: being lonely as fuck. And also something else to do with that “fuck” word. I want a buddy, a companion, a partner-in-crime, a lover. I’m sick of waiting around for things that I thought were something they weren’t. And I refuse to join some dating service. So that leaves me…right here, bitching!

Hmm. I know there’s more, but I have to get back to work. I took a brief lunch break…a break from writing to write. Heh. Fuck, I’m braindead. I’ve written roughly fifty pages this week – stuff like newsletters, newspaper articles, ad blurbs, radio scripts, and now I’m about to start on blogging. I’ve helped perform interviews. I’ve assisted in ad-buying decisions and helped negotiate contract prices. I’ve improved departmental organization. And I’ve been here a week! I’m fucking tired! And pleased – with my job.

So yeah. Break’s over. Enough writing. I have writing to do!

Oh. And. HI!

35 thoughts on “Adulting 101

  1. I so get the whole driving thing. For the last 4 years I have done about 90 miles p/day 5 days a week. Take a toll, both on you and the car!

    I know it is easier said than done but the dream job is worth the lack of money. I have seen too many people rich and miserable.

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    1. That’s the damn truth! I’d rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable If those are my options.

      And yeahhhh, I can’t do this commute long. But I hate to move so soon. The rent I’m paying right now cannot be beaten. I’ll see how long I can take it!

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    1. I got the job!!! I posted on FB, but then I deleted a bunch of stuff. I do that sometimes when I’m feeling anxious. I’m not sure if that was one of em!

      I started last Friday! 😱😱

      One of my long-time, long-distance friends thinks I *need* to sign up for a dating site…like match or something. But I dunno. I feel weird about it. Not about meeting people from online. My best friends are online friends. ☺️🌸

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  2. Hi!
    I hope you find some peace. I have a long commute as well and anticipated hating it but actually I almost never mind it. It’s time to decompress, do some thinking, listen to music. That way when I’m home, I’ve disengaged from work.


  3. Long commutes are great for podcasts and recorded books. I like NPR…I feel like I learn something.

    You’ll find your footing. This is all adjustment – like a giraffe learning to walk. πŸ™‚


  4. I love this, lol! It’s all so painfully true – especially the night-owl part! My goodness I stay up for what feels like all hours of the day trying to function like an adult human. I’ve seen lots of my friends struggle with adulting so that’s why I started my own blog about the ways to adult ( because no body’s got time to spend 20 minutes googling how to get a stain out or make a simple budget or what the dangers of raw meat are. I know I didn’t until I started my blog.

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