[DAY 16] 30-Day Song Challenge

Married Boss: Are we still on for tonight?

Married Employee: Of course, sweetie. I’ll be ready when you are.

Married Boss: I can’t wait.

Married Employee: I just need to pick up my dress.

Married Boss: I can’t wait to see you in it.

I have an interview in three hours. Elsewhere, obviously. Should go great. We know of each other, professionally, and have worked with the same people at different times. If it results in an offer, cross your fingers that the money is right. This area pays abysmally low. The only remaining good thing about my current position is the pay. The aforementioned Hush Money. It’s not wonderful on a national scale, but it’s fucking stellar on a local scale. Fingers crossed?

Okay. Music time.

Day 16: A Song that’s a Classic Favorite

Some of these feel redundant. I’ve used “classics” for other themes. But “classic” is a relative term, anyway, isn’t it? Bleh. A classic favorite. As in a favorite that’s considered a classic? Or a classic favorite in the sense of “Of fucking course that’s one of your favorites.” Let’s go with a “classic song”. From my perspective, anyway.

I fucking love this song. Ever since watching American Beauty when it came out, I’ve associated this song with that film. But I still love it on its own merits, with or without the movie (which I also love). (There I go abusing that word again.)


Share yours?

27 thoughts on “[DAY 16] 30-Day Song Challenge

  1. I had to reassess my definition of classic rock after reading this post. 😉 I can’t believe that those two are so overt about their affair. It seems inevitable that they’ll (and rightfully) be caught. That is a classic – and great – song. If I may tack on….

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    1. Bahaha! I’m sorry!! 😀 This is a GREAT song! Please always feel free to tack on. You always have great contributions. It’s so good to engage with you again, Rob!

      They have become very overt and don’t even realize how obvious they’re being. We’ve found love notes, inappropriate photographs, you name it. And they usually whisper, but they threw caution to the wind. My office is the only one on the same hall as the attorney’s. And sometimes they forget that we share a wall and that sound carries farrrrr in this old building. I hope like hell they get caught. I’m disgusted by both of them and want so badly to rat them out to their spouses. But at the rate they’re going, they’ll rat themselves out and SOON.

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  2. I hope you are having the post-interview warm fuzzies and not that post-interview million questions.
    I seem to always get the second one.
    I love how you started with dialogue. Excellent opening to a terrible situation.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X_2IdybTV0 <– you can't escape Kansas. It will find you.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7dTBoW5H9k <– I remember first finding this song during the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind trailer and thinking it was a new song. Oops. Nope, son. It's a classic!
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZCpyaNr1GU <– Doobs.

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    1. Thank you! And thank you for the good vibes earlier! I only just got home. The interview went for an hour and a half! We only left because the coffee shop closed.


      I got the job.

      It starts in the new year, but she’s gonna sling me some contract work in the meantime.



      Pfft I owe you a reply elsewhere. I’ll fill you in. 😂

      I love all three of those classics. And of course Doobs for good measure! 😏


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