Fun with Search Terms

Dudes. So Evil Squirrel over at Evil Squirrel’s Nest did a post at the start of the year about bizarre search terms that led to his site. (It’s hilarious. Take a gander. Or a goose. Whatevs.)

So I usually get the ole “unknown search terms” leading to mine. But I just noticed a couple of out-there ones. Check it:

  • fuck u darling
  • japanese proverb about humans having 3 faces
  • kate hudson sucks
  • aka all i know
  • stephellaneous wordpress

I’m totally gonna start paying better attention to these. And the “unknown search terms” are pissing me off!

I imagine they go something like this:

  • best blog buddies ever
  • eccentric girl who types fuck a lot
  • baby got back
  • punkwafers

That is all. Bet you didn’t think you’d ever see a post this short by le moi. You were wrongo.

That is all. Again.