Portfolio. What.

Dudes. (Yeah, I opened with that yesterday.) He fucking loved it. LOVED IT. My copy has been declared a rousing success – like three minor changes, and done. It’s finished now and has been sent back to creative for a full redesign around the new copy and ideas we bandied about in this morning’s meeting. It was fucking awesome.


Yes, I came here JUST to brag. I don’t brag in my day to day. But right here on this space…fuck it. I just bragged. I’m proud of what’s happening, and I couldn’t contain myself.

So I have a question forĀ  y’all. I can finally start building a professional writing portfolio. Do any of y’all have a favorite site or service that you use for that sort of thing? Or do you buy your own site? Don’t worry – I’m not getting too carried away here. I just want to use the brochure as a sample of my work. I figured it would be a good time to think about creating a portfolio.

Anyway. I hope to post something more interesting later, but for now…WOOHOO.