Stephellaneous Beginnings

Write. Just fucking do it. Write something. Then click that big blue button with the shiny white letters telling you to Publish. Something. Anything. It took a fucking year to get over the whole “what the hell would I even name a blog” paralysis. I realize now that was about far more than not being able to come up with a semi-original name.

Anyway. Some points about me and what to expect if you stick around:

  1. I curse. Sometimes a lot. And my favorite swear word is “fuck.” I use it as just about any part of speech and even as prefixes and suffixes. You’ve been warned.
  2. This blog will serve as a pressure valve to release the noise in my brain. That said, the topics will be many and varied. At least I think they will. That all depends on the noise. This also explains the title. Stephellaneous. Stephanie + Miscellaneous = I don’t have to explain this. Why am I explaining this. You’re smart, and you totally get it. Anyway. Books, movies, news, personal ranting or musing, music. It’s all fair game to me.
  3. I digress. A lot. I think you’ve figured that out already.
  4. Sometimes I’m a smartass. Sometimes I’m emotional. Sometimes I’m angry. Sometimes I’m pessimistic. A lot. Sometimes I’m overly forgiving. Sometimes I hate myself. In other words, I’m human. Sue me. (Please don’t sue me; I’m broke.)
  5. I like parentheticals (a lot). And I love hyperbole. I love it so much I want to marry it and have luaus on Saturn.
  6. I tend toward perfectionism and am often too hard on myself. I will endeavor to just write. Something. Anything. Regularly. Because I need an outlet. Though I hope to eventually have a small community of friends here, my main goal right now is to consistently get my thoughts out as a form of catharsis and belonging. Because even if no one is reading this, it still makes me feel as though I’m at least (a teensy) part of something.

Yeah, I think that’s all of the intro I need. I’ll just dive right in soon. Perhaps even today. We’ll see.