Battle of the Bloggers: A Musical Variety Show(down)

Gather round Peoplleaneous,

Before I get into the post, I want you all to know how Truly Fucking Grateful I am for your outpouring of support, encouragement and just straight up being here for me. Completely unsolicited, you gathered ’round me and have kept me buoyed with your incredible show of love for someone who is (mostly) a stranger to you.

You have humbled me and proven me wrong, once again, about the quality of people in this world. I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it – some of the most awesome people on earth have inexplicably gathered in this little corner. And I am a lucky girl for being the recipient of your incredible kindness. Even if I don’t print off that post, I am printing off all of your words to me. You moved me to tears, made me laugh, showed solidarity and made damn sure I don’t feel alone. You rock. And I love you for it. Thank you, endlessly. Thank you.


Ahem. Now. About Josh. Before I slay him with music, let me say – in all sincerity – he has a kickass blog over at My Friday Post. Everyone has a few people they have to read, and Josh is one of mine. Good stuff over there, and if you don’t check him out and give him a follow…well, you suck. Go on. Get over there. I’ll wait. (I’m waiting. Fuck’s sake, you’re slow! Oh. There you are. Good. Let’s do this thang.)

As luck would have it, I was planning to do a music post today. I intended to solicit you, my fine feathered peoplleaneous, to assist me with building a playlist. But that will have to wait for another day, because a certain aforementioned someone has just thrown down.

Now. Josh would have you believe he is taking me up on a challenge I issued him.

Josh likes to tell stories.

Big fat whoppers of stories.

He threw shade with a backhanded compliment, like a pro. And when I called him out on it, he challenged me!

Exhibit A: The post that started it all.

Exhibit B: If you dig down in the comments, you’ll see what I’m talkin’ about. And since I don’t want to make you work, let me show you:

“Just saying that was funny. I appreciate your open-minded musical tastes. I don’t know many people with musical tastes as varied as me, you seem to be near that level.” ~Josh

“But Stephanie!,” you exclaim. “He was totally complimenting you!” To which I direct you to that last little piece where he said I’m near his level! Near! He may as well have scraped me off the bottom of his shoe like an unwanted gob of double bubble!

I think we can all agree that was a direct challenge. And I accept! (What? Dude. It totally was! He started it! Just hush and enjoy the show, then!)

This may or may not have been included in my response.

If you haven’t already done it, I suggest you read his “Generic Music Post” before continuing here. (Dudes, even his title is backhanded. Like he doesn’t even consider it a challenge. I see what he’s doing. I SEE!) You gotta check out his musical selection for Round 1 of our duel.

But now it’s my turn. Oh yes. Brace yourselves, because someone’s about to get slayed. And it ain’t gonna be me.

And today on Mixed Metaphors: I’m about to hit a home run, bitches!

Here are some of my favorite listens, also in no particular order:

Alright, folks! That’s the end of Round 1. I guess y’all are supposed to vote or something. And I won’t even bribe you with cookies. (I bake the best cookies. But I’m not bribing you. I don’t need to. But I also bake brownies. And you know what I’m talkin’ about.)

We all know who won Round 1. And hey, Josh? I told ya, homeboy…