Calling All Loonies: A Wackadoodle Meet & Greet (ALL Bloggers Welcome!)

This is the one and only thing I’m going to say about today’s events in Paris on this blog: I’m here, as ever, for diversion and release. I have no intention of turning this into a political blog. The thoughts and feelings I have about what’s going on over there – and anywhere else with suffering and terror – will stay with me or within the confines of one-on-one conversation.

Hop Aboard the Crazy Train: A Meet & Greet

So. What I’d like to do, for those who are of like mind, is call for you crazies to come forth and meet one another. I’m still new around these parts, but I’ve already met some Kick Ass People here. And some of you are a similar level of crazy as me. And I think you fuckers should meet each other and introduce us to Still More Kick Ass Crazies.

Here’s what I would LOVE to see happening in comments (y’all are the best fucking commenters on EARTH, FYI):

  • Please feel free to post links to any of your own crazy posts. Or your about page. Or whatever.
  • Please post links to any crazies that you think the rest of us should be introduced to. We wanna meet some new people in this bitch, too! And the bestest Meet & Greets have people linking themselves AND other people!
  • If you don’t curse and don’t want it on your own blog’s comments…please feel free to mention that you only like to watch the filth (pervert) and don’t bring it to you. I totally get that. (I try to behave in others’ comments. Please slap me when I forget my manners.)
  • Please click each others’ linkies!

This my first time trying one of these. I think it’s needed tonight, to bring some levity, if only to my little corner of cyberspace. If it works out, I’ll see about making it a semi-regular thing. I’ve had so much fun meeting you crazy bastards that I’m greedy for more!

P.S. You can post here as much as you like, as many links or over as many days. I may post some this weekend, but I doubt it will get buried too far if at all. Go crazy! Please.

Some Inspirational Jams, Hand-Picked for the Occasion