A Taste of Nature: Another 100 Word Story

The spray struck her full in the face. She gasped in shock, then erupted into a fit of giggles.

Smirking, he pulled her back from the ledge and used his shirt to dry her face.

“Well? How was your first taste of whale spray? Gross, right?”

“No way,” she retorted with an unabashed grin, “I just felt and tasted the magnificence of nature!”

“Only you,” he laughed, eyebrow cocked and head shaking. “Anyway, you think that tasted magnificent, just wait’ll you taste what comes next.”

With a mischievous grin, he grabbed her ankles, lifted her up and slid her overboard.

Sharing the Lovejuice

Yo. Peoplleaneous. Also known as The Bestest People Ever.

You know how you’ve been lifting me up lately? Soothing my spirit and making me laugh?

I have this bloggy buddy, see. Her name is Sandra, and she’s pretty down in the dumps. She might not like for me to do this. (Sandra, say the word and I’ll take this post down!) I know a lot of us are struggling. I know. But I’m worried and feel particularly compelled to reach out on her behalf.

Being the badass awesome peoplleaneous that y’all are…could you do me a solid and mosey on over to Sandra’s place and share some of that lovejuice y’all have been giving me? (Hehehe that sounded sooooo nasty, didn’t it? I did it on purpose. You like that? Shut up, perv! Focus!)

As an added bonus: for those of you who aren’t already following her, she has a kickass blog. Show her some love, would ya?