Reblog: I’ll Be The Bridge If You Cross Over To The Other Side

My good friend T. Wayne shares his thoughts on Orlando and the crisis of our national (international) love deficit. His words are soft and sad, hesitantly hopeful, a poignant antidote to anger and hate. Dalai Lama XIV tells us that “the true hero is one who conquers his own anger and hatred.” In the spirit of that sentiment, please check out this post and reflect with me on our collective responsibility to restore love to the world.

A Joyful Process

Perhaps Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?” would make a better Morning Groove today. Because even after 45 years, we are still asking the question.

Yesterday was a sad day for all of us. And yet, some of us want to argue: about Islam, about LGBTQ, about gun control. One tone-deaf “politician” wants to take credit that he was right about what happened in Orlando. A tragedy occurs, and he wants to say “I told you so?” Someone tell him to get his head out of a particular orifice.

Lives have been lost. Another mass shooting that didn’t have to take place, but did. Because hearts and minds wrapped around hate are still strong, and tough to take down.

We all have to be better than this. A lot of us are tired of these killings. Killings, period. I wish we didn’t have to say the rote condolences that we all say after events…

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