It’s a Bird; It’s a Plane; No! It’s the Unabomber!

I made the mistake of telling someone I used to sketch, or play at sketching. Whatever. So now I’m supposed to sketch.

I took art class in junior high school. The art teacher was a coach. Man, he was awesome. When he’d get really pissed at this one guy who was always talking shit, he’d say, “Get the hell outta my class room, you…you…(he so wanted to curse)…BISCUITHEAD!” Biscuithead. I’ll never forget it.

I kinda dug it. Art class, I mean. (Well, outbursts of “biscuithead!,” too.) I did alright – Coach seemed to think I’d be good if I kept at it. One of my mamaws was an artist. Wow, could she draw…and paint…and pretty much anything artistic. She wrote, drew, sewed, gardened, cooked. I always wished I had her talent. But she worked at it, nearly every day. She cultivated and honed her craft.

Me? Once mom said we couldn’t afford art materials, so Coach’s would be my only art class? I stopped. Rarely have I even bothered to pick up a pencil and attempt anything. I do well with most studies when I’m in a structured environment. But doing things just for myself? I’m shit at it.

Couple of times over the years, I’ve picked up a sketchpad and some basic charcoals. Doodled around. I did a weird little cafe scene. I did a grave to work on perspective (I’m so shit at it). I did random inanimate figures. But then I’d quit.

The most recent thing I did was a rat. I was proud of that rat. I was doodling in a notebook while on the phone and drew a rat. He lives in Australia now. I shipped him off in a box of assorted goodies. Anyway. That was a few years ago.

The person who told me I need to pick sketching back up…also used to draw. I pulled a smug face and said I’d refuse to draw anything until he did.

But now I find myself bored at work, and I drew anyway.

I’m terrible at finding sketch ideas. I don’t do well coming up with them on my own. So I googled sketches or faces or sketchy faces or some shit and got some ideas. So this guy is mostly a copy. I dunno. The point was just to put pencil to paper. So I grabbed a pad of paper and a pencil (Black Warrior, baby!) and drew this guy.

The Cowardly Lion? The Unabomber? I dunno. But he’s sketchy as fuck. I do like his eyebrows.