An Island Getaway (from me): A 100-Word Story

She met him at the airport in Dubai. Blushing and hopeful, she waited for him to embrace her.

But he never would.

He offered a tentative smile and motioned toward the gate with a nod of his head.

Hopping aboard the plane, they embarked on the next leg of the journey. Onward to an island paradise. With so much nervous excitement, she had looked forward to sitting beside him on the flight.

But he leaned away.

The week passed slowly: him writing on the sofa, her crying in the bedroom.

She waved goodbye, broken and spent.

He never looked back.


Thank you, T. Wayne, for inviting me to participate in the 100-word challenge. Y’all should check out his blog – he talks about a variety of things and with impeccable writing, at that. His music posts and personal reminisces are my favorites. Go give him a look-see. You won’t regret it.