Reblog: I’ll Be The Bridge If You Cross Over To The Other Side

My good friend T. Wayne shares his thoughts on Orlando and the crisis of our national (international) love deficit. His words are soft and sad, hesitantly hopeful, a poignant antidote to anger and hate. Dalai Lama XIV tells us that “the true hero is one who conquers his own anger and hatred.” In the spirit of that sentiment, please check out this post and reflect with me on our collective responsibility to restore love to the world.

When Tragedy Strikes, I want the Fucking Hypocrites to Burn

Update at the end of the original post.


A flood of people just moved past the open office door. One woman popped in and informed my coworker and I that everyone was invited into the conference room to pray. She scurried off, but we called her back to ask what was going on.

A Very Important Person’s semi-brand new baby is going into surgery for hemorrhaging. In his brain. He’s not expected to make it.

I don’t pray, and neither does the one coworker who’s with me today. Pretty much the entire rest of the building consists of dyed-in-the-wool Baptists with a rogue Catholic and Pentecostal here and there. He looked at me and says, “Well? Do we go pray? Or are we going to be THAT asshole?”

I wasn’t going to go, and I told him so. It’s not for lack of concern, but I don’t believe prayer is going to do a fucking thing to save that child. (Please. Spare me the religious lectures. Please. Even if you mean well, I’m not going there. Not today.) Anyway, once it became clear that Everybody was going, we went just to show support.

And I’m fucking pissed. Because the most hypocritical pieces of shit were the ones pounding the proverbial drums and praying the loudest.

When word originally came down that Very Important Person’s wife was expecting twins, here’s what the Hypocrisy Crones had to say about it:

I bet they paid for those twins.

Definitely in vitro. They should be ashamed of themselves.

They don’t deserve to have twins. Why couldn’t I have had twins?

Well, I heard he’s only even with that woman because of a rule for his inheritance.

Maybe she’ll miscarry, and we’ll all get raises instead of what they’ll spend on those babies.

Yeah. I wish I was making this shit up. These people are vile. Fucking vile. And I wanted to point at each and every one of the guilty motherfuckers and call them to the carpet.

You wished for this, you vile and vitriolic cunt. YOU WISHED FOR THIS. But you’ll be the first to tell Very Important Person how you led the Prayer Brigade, won’t you?

Very Important Person is an asshole. An egotistical, vain asshole with shitty ideals. BUT WHO IN THE FUCK TAKES THAT AND WISHES HIS BABIES WOULD DIE. What kind of fucked up world are we living in where people think this kind of behavior is acceptable?


Anyway. If Very Important Family’s suffering doesn’t put some shit in perspective, then nothing will. And I do so hope that somehow his little one pulls through, and they all have happy holidays. I mean that with all of my heart.


UPDATE: As of today, November 26, the little one made it through surgery. The bleeding has stopped and he is responding to stimuli. The surgeons and doctors have actually told the parents that they can begin feeling truly optimistic now. I thought I owed it to you all to provide an update on the little one’s well-being. (He’s six months old, by the way.)