Part 3: The part where I say, “I can’t do this.”

As in, I can’t write this. Not in the way I set out to. Not in a full purging of details, getting it all out in a neat and tidy summing up.

It’s fucking me up in a few ways. So while I’ve come to feel obligated to tell the tale (by my own doing, I mean), I have to allow myself to not. Bits and pieces may appear, randomly peppered in here and there. Or hell, maybe I’ll change my mind and resume the full telling.

But for now, I need to put it aside because it has become a roadblock for me here. And it’s not putting me in a good mental space, spending so much time dedicated to telling it or thinking on how to tell it or what to tell or how in depth to delve or is it even fucking safe to do so.


Hi. I’ll write more soon. About something unrelated, most likely.

14 thoughts on “Part 3: The part where I say, “I can’t do this.”

  1. That happens to me. Sometimes when you start writing about something difficult it leads your this thoughts and emotions in many directions and sends you into a tail-spin. At least that happens to me. I will draft many times and then give up and say, this is for later.

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      1. Yeah, be gentle with yourself. You can tell the story in your own timing, or not at all. Look forward to future posts, though. Whether related or not.


  2. Returned after a long hiatus to check on you….one day, I hope you decide to change…bad choice after bad choice…if given the choice of two directions, you always choose the most deleterious for yourself…prayers your way…


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