Playlist Party: An Adventurous Musical Meet & Greet

Howdy Peopleaneous!

Don’t you just love that word? “Howdy”? Probably not, but maybe I can change your mind. My mamaw always used that word in greeting. “Howdy, Steph,” she’d say with a grin, in her warm, gravelly smoker’s voice. Steph. She just had to call me Steph. Hell, everyone did. I don’t know why it bothered me so much. But when Mamaw said, “Howdy, Steph!,” it didn’t matter.

I loved it. Some people teased her for it, but she kept on saying “howdy” anyway. And so I adopted it, early on. But I mostly only greeted her that way. Mostly.

Until she passed.

And now I say it at work, lots. “Howdy, Gary!” “Howdy, Richard!” “Howdy, y’all!”

People laugh, as though the joke’s on me for being weird. And I’m okay with that. Because Mamaw. I tell them about her when I can, but mostly I just grin and let them go on wondering what sort of weirdo says howdy anymore. And in those moments, I’m smirking with Mamaw and feel all warm and wistful.

So there. Howdy Peopleaneous!

An Adventurous Musical Meet & Greet

It’s been ages since we’ve done a Meet & Greet, so let’s do it! You know I like to mix music into them, so if you want to participate on that front as well it would be superduper! I’m thinking the theme for this Playlist Party slash Meet & Greet should be Adventure – Moving On – Starting Over. I need a playlist for songs like that – any genre is welcome. Even if it’s country, I’ll try not to cringe and call you names. Any genre, any time/decade. I’ll start us off in a minute.

But first, the Meet & Greet! Let’s see. These things usually need “Rules,” but I don’t like Rules. So let’s call them Meet & Greet Ideas:

  1. Give us a link to your about or a favorite post of yours or both – and tell us a little about you if you’d like!
  2. Give us a link to a blog you’re crazy about, or a post that touched you in some way, written by someone else – let’s spread the love!
  3. Share a song about adventure or starting over. (If you don’t have a song idea, you’re still part of this Meet & Greet!)
  4. Reblog or link to this post – let’s see how many new people we can meet y’all!

So let’s see. Lemme start us off by following the “rules,” myself:

My favorite recent post of mine: The Wallpaper. This one’s deeply personal to me, but I was also proud of and surprised by how it turned out.


A favorite blog of mine: Stupidity Hole. Go. Clicky. Now. I’ll wait. Waiting. Have you gone yet? Good. Are you back yet? Good.

Dude is awesome, and his writing and photography are fun, unique and fucking gorgeous. Check out this post where he talks about his photography, and make sure to check out his shop as well.

I own some of his prints, and they’re gorgeous. I’m frustrated as fuck that I can’t hang them yet. Soon! I’m keeping them protected until PNW. Then I can use them to start decorating my new pad. Word.


Now. Music. I’ll kick us off with a few jams about Starting Over, Moving On, Adventure… you get the idea.

To Starting Over

Promise, by Hey Rosetta!

Float On, by Modest Mouse

Time to Move On, by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

The Getaway, by Leisure Cruise

Road Trippin’, by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Ramble On, by Led Zeppelin

There are so many, but I don’t want to list a couple dozen songs. I’d rather see what y’all come up with!


So come on. Share your blog links – tell us why you kick ass! Share someone else’s blog – tell us why he or she kicks ass! Share some music – tell us why it kicks ass!

In other words…come kick ass with me! Let’s see how many blog links we can generate this time!


This post brought to you by:

Asses, specifically those that kick or even those in need of kicking.

Stupidity Hole, because every ass needs a hole. Wait. No. That’s not the best way to introduce him. He’s more than just a hole. Lemme try again.

Brought to you by Stupidity Hole, because Pensive Pug. And also because he said I have to post something today. So I dragged his ass into it!

Playlist Party: A Fanfunkingtastic Musical Meet & Greet

Gather round, Peopleaneous, for it is time for another Playlist Party. It’s been a while since I did the last one, and it was a blast. So let’s do it again, shall we? Again and again and again…wait. Sorry. Got a little carried away.

Also, we’ve had lots of new additions to the kickassingest community on WordPress, so let’s make this a combo punch: The Funkiest Meet & Greet Playlist Party on the block!

I’m in a total funk mood this morning. And I don’t mean like, “I’m in such a funk.” I mean, Can’t Stop the Funk! So here are the rules, except I hate rules, so here’s the gist of how I’d like things to go down. But y’all are your own people, so feel free to wing it:

  • I want your body links! Drop a link to your about page or one of your favorite posts and maybe a little about you. However you wanna shake it down, go on witcha bad self. Feel free to shout-out one of your favorite blogs, too.
  • While you’re at it, it would be fanfunkingtastic if you got funky with me. My funk playlist is woefully inadequate, so why don’t we build one together? Y’all are awesome and seem to love boogying down with music posts. So let’s do this thang chickenwang!
  • Oh! Oh! Also! Feel free to drop a link even if you don’t have a song – I know we don’t all dig the same music!
  • Oh! Oh! Oh! Also! Again! It can be current or oldschool funk. Can ya dig it?

I’ll get us started off with a few off of my current playlist. This isn’t all of them, but I’ll give you some of my current faves.


The one I was listening to this morning on the way to work. Because of this burning in my soul:

Because sometimes a white girl gotta play that funky music:

Because sometimes you believe in things you don’t understand:

Rock me again and again and again and again and again…

Because it’s slippery when it’s wet:

Let’s set this bitch on FI-YAH!

Because I’m a bayou girl and I got fire, too!

Because I wanna get down, get down:

Because I want you to funk my life up:

Because who can get enough of The Commodores?

And this list is not complete without a little James Brown. Good God!


Your turn, y’all! Let’s get funked up!

Thank You for the Weekend of Virtual Insanity (aka Here’s Your Shitton of Links)

Dudes, I mean Peoplleaneous, my first Meet & Greet was a rousing success thanks to y’all. I see all these people with eighteen point five zillion followers hosting these things, and it’s to be expected that they’re successful. But you know something, I think we had the best one yet. When you consider the small number of followers (and I’m thankful for every single one), I think the turnout and participation was huge! I know I met some new folks to read, and I really hope y’all did, too. It was superfun, and I especially loved all the chatting back and forth and music sharing. The best people are gathered here, I’m telling you. Thanks for making it fun and successful!


By way of thanks, I’m gonna give you a little present. Since I know some of you turds drop links and don’t bother checking back and clicking on each other (selfish little bastards – you know who you are!), I’ve complied the links of everyone that participated. And I’m going to list them here for you.

Please forgive me if I missed yours – and also let me know; I’ll fix it right away. And, if anyone wants to add yet more links in the comments here, please feel free.

I have very much enjoyed meeting new people and getting to chat and goof off with people I’ve already met.

Here’s Your Shitton of Links

I went through the comments methodically, so I’m listing the blog of everyone who participated in the Meet & Greet. So for those of you who were too shy to participate (or just thought the whole thing was really fucking stupid), please check out this list for some awesome blogs to add to your list! Here they are, in the order they appear in my browser:


P.S. For those who shared multiple links to your blogs, I’m just listing the first one here so y’all can find each other!

P.S. Numero Two-o. I loved all the music sharing! Thank you for joining in the virtual insanity!

Calling All Loonies: A Wackadoodle Meet & Greet (ALL Bloggers Welcome!)

This is the one and only thing I’m going to say about today’s events in Paris on this blog: I’m here, as ever, for diversion and release. I have no intention of turning this into a political blog. The thoughts and feelings I have about what’s going on over there – and anywhere else with suffering and terror – will stay with me or within the confines of one-on-one conversation.

Hop Aboard the Crazy Train: A Meet & Greet

So. What I’d like to do, for those who are of like mind, is call for you crazies to come forth and meet one another. I’m still new around these parts, but I’ve already met some Kick Ass People here. And some of you are a similar level of crazy as me. And I think you fuckers should meet each other and introduce us to Still More Kick Ass Crazies.

Here’s what I would LOVE to see happening in comments (y’all are the best fucking commenters on EARTH, FYI):

  • Please feel free to post links to any of your own crazy posts. Or your about page. Or whatever.
  • Please post links to any crazies that you think the rest of us should be introduced to. We wanna meet some new people in this bitch, too! And the bestest Meet & Greets have people linking themselves AND other people!
  • If you don’t curse and don’t want it on your own blog’s comments…please feel free to mention that you only like to watch the filth (pervert) and don’t bring it to you. I totally get that. (I try to behave in others’ comments. Please slap me when I forget my manners.)
  • Please click each others’ linkies!

This my first time trying one of these. I think it’s needed tonight, to bring some levity, if only to my little corner of cyberspace. If it works out, I’ll see about making it a semi-regular thing. I’ve had so much fun meeting you crazy bastards that I’m greedy for more!

P.S. You can post here as much as you like, as many links or over as many days. I may post some this weekend, but I doubt it will get buried too far if at all. Go crazy! Please.

Some Inspirational Jams, Hand-Picked for the Occasion