[DAY 26] 30-Day Song Challenge

Day 26: A Song That Makes You Want To Fall In Love

I’m gonna go with this one and let it stand alone. Firstly, because it’s a great little love song. Secondly, because you really need to meet Oh He Dead. Enjoy “Show Me Love”.

[DAY 14] 30-Day Song Challenge

Day 14: A Song You’d Love to be Played at Your Wedding

I eloped. There were no songs, aside from the wind and the birds and some distant wind chimes and traffic, perhaps. If I were to get remarried? Hmm. I dunno. I don’t really know that I’d want the ceremony overshadowed by someone else’s words. Perhaps there’s a song out there that would change my mind, or a person. But for the ceremony itself, my inclination is no music. Or something delicate and instrumental.

Now, if I were ever to have some sort of after-party/reception? Sure, there would be music. I have no idea what it would be. Probably some Leon Bridges or some John Legend. So I’m sure I’ll throw some shit like that down for you to listen to.

But, I’ve had Billy Idol in my head all day. From the moment I previewed today’s theme.

Next up, Leon Bridges. I do confess I’d love to have someone feel like this about me. I once shared this song with The Chef (someone I haven’t yet told you about), during a brief but intensely heady love affair (not the cheating kind). He wasn’t the one. But, for a moment in time, I thought he could be.

Can’t possibly have a list of (relatively recent) love songs without including John Legend, though this song makes me cry. And ache. I’d also love to have someone (mutually) feel like this about me.

Surely you know me well enough by now to expect a little of the incomparable Al Green. If not, you haven’t been paying attention.

This song by The Turtles would be mandatory.

As would this classic Stevie Wonder song.

The list would be blasphemously incomplete without a dose of Marvin Gaye.

I adore this song. It makes me cry. And long.

OHMYGOD, The Proclaimers! Of course! Another mandatory selection!

I’ll end on an Adam Sandler song. I love the hell out of it.

What would you add to the list?