Holy epiphany, Batman.

I just figured it out. Hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks. Why I’m craving to be social. Why I refuse to hide myself away anymore. Why it’s like a breath of fresh air, even in the otherwise oppressive city fumes.

It was him. That gingerfuck. I was cloistered, sequestered, denied, hidden for over a year.

And now that I’m free, motherfucker I’m free. And I’ll be damned if I hide anymore (corners, notwithstanding). And damnit, I’m loving every. fucking. minute. of it.

Don’t ya just love a good epiphany?

More to come.

5 thoughts on “Holy epiphany, Batman.

  1. Yes, mmhm. There is nothing like the opposite of whatever you were having. Most of my early relationships were switching from one thing I couldn’t stand in a person to its extreme in another. In your case, oppression vs freedom, how could you ever not love the holy hell outta that?!? Shine on.

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    1. Exactly what I’m doing, and it’s fantastic. Long story short (which I will go into, probably soon), I took a chance on someone I knew better than to take a chance on. But I did it anyway, and it backfired. In a massive way. But in the end? Maybe it’s good I took the chance I did. I’m in a better, stronger, happier place now. 🌸

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      1. Forward movement, Stephellaneous. You are right to think the way you do. What if you had to spend this time not celebrating, but wondering what if? 🙂

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