Fun with Search Terms

Dudes. So Evil Squirrel over at Evil Squirrel’s Nest did a post at the start of the year about bizarre search terms that led to his site. (It’s hilarious. Take a gander. Or a goose. Whatevs.)

So I usually get the ole “unknown search terms” leading to mine. But I just noticed a couple of out-there ones. Check it:

  • fuck u darling
  • japanese proverb about humans having 3 faces
  • kate hudson sucks
  • aka all i know
  • stephellaneous wordpress

I’m totally gonna start paying better attention to these. And the “unknown search terms” are pissing me off!

I imagine they go something like this:

  • best blog buddies ever
  • eccentric girl who types fuck a lot
  • baby got back
  • punkwafers

That is all. Bet you didn’t think you’d ever see a post this short by le moi. You were wrongo.

That is all. Again.

87 thoughts on “Fun with Search Terms

  1. You can thank Google for all the Unknown Search terms. They went all privacy crazy a couple years ago and started encrypting search terms to keep them off of websites’ stats lists. My first full year of blogging was in 2012, and I’d get several good strings of terms every day… and I didn’t even post that much then! Now, even with my massive archive and about 5 posts a week, I’m lucky if I get a handful of good ones every month….

    Thanks for the shoutout!

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  2. Ooooo those unknown search terms annoy me! The three that I could remember include child on santa lap, abusive relationships, and when i thought i was fat

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      1. Someone will, but someone is not anywhere near someone at the moment and it would be stale by the time it got there. Do you want a curdled, stale chai?

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      2. Ding ding ding! Tell her what she’s won! But I don’t want to hear about you being full of shit. That’s just gross. More fiber?

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  3. “fuck u darling” Hahahahaha!

    I’ve done a couple posts on search terms. They are so fun to look through! And kinda scary at times. One that popped up for me last week was “mother in law kick balls” o.O

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    1. Whoop! Boogie boogie! If you knew me in person, you’d see the biggest shy, bashful wallflower that walks the earth. Until you really get to know me, then I’m afraid the fucks really do fly. But only if you’re not an old lady or something. Which I don’t think you are.

      Woo look at me ramble!

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      1. I can’t remember if I put “Jesus dick pics” in those ones but yeah someone actually searched for that and what’s more worrying is where they ended up lol

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