Warn me
before you listen to hip hop,
Country one said.

Warn me
before you curse,
Christian one said.

Warn me
before you befriend me,
Aloof one said.

Warn me
before you laugh,
Stoic one said.

Warn me
before you believe,
Atheist one said.

Warn me
before you love me,
Jewish one said.

Warn me
before you trust me,
Brown one said.

Warn me
before you cry,
White one said.

Warn me
before you become,
They said.

Warn me
before you exist,
They said.

Warning you
that I’m done,
I said.

32 thoughts on “Warnings

      1. It’s so interesting that you posted this, because I was just thinking about how everything we say or do is now somehow required to have some kind of warning attached to it. And how much it frustrates me.

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      2. So fucking frustrating. And just when you get used to warning one person about something, the next one wants a warning for the opposite. So tired of walking on eggshells and warning people about my…ME. Apologizing for being me.

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      3. Exactly! Life doesn’t work like that. People are, surprisingly, human. Flawed, imperfect, sometimes irrational… not everyone is going to be able to adhere to the strict guidelines some people have for interaction. Be responsible for your own self. If someone consistently does something you don’t like, stop trying to change them and just accept that maybe you need to make the choice to not have that person in your life anymore. You’ll probably BOTH be happier in the long run. /rant

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      4. Yea I understand it is definitely hard to cut people off sometimes. I struggle with it too, especially with certain people. But sometimes it’s also really gratifying, so at least there’s that.

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      5. There’s been one person I can definitely recall being gratified to cut out of my life. She’s one toxic mofo to everyone around her. Good riddance!

        Aside from her…I usually feel tremendous guilt over the whole ordeal.

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      6. There have been a couple people that made me breathe a sigh of relief when I pulled the plug, but for the most part I’m kind of the same. I hate hurting people, especially if it’s just a “clash of personalities” thing and not anything they specifically did. But I’ve gotten selfish as I’ve gotten older and I’m sick of putting other people’s feelings before my own happiness. Of course, I’m also friendless and alone, so maybe I shouldn’t be talking.πŸ˜‘

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      7. I know exactly what you mean. We’re strikingly similar in that regard. Friendless and alone (at least in the whole “IRL” kind of way). I’ve been trying to work on THAT, too. But it’s clashing hardcore with my growing concern to look out for number one.

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  1. The pressure of the words
    Will push the pen
    If you have some extra money
    I’ll be glad to take it off your hands
    I’m so glad to see you came to
    Visit next time will do lunch
    As Sheldon Always

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